Saturday, 8 January 2011

Focus On: Graffiti

On Saturday 5 February I am attending a street photography event with a focus on graffiti.  I’ve always liked graffiti but I first fell in love with it during my trip to Serbia in 2010.  The event is for beginners and there will be experienced photographers on hand to give you guidance on aspects such as lighting and composition.  It would be great if any of you could join me there too!

Where: Graffiti @ Waterloo & Southbank
When: 10:00am-1:00pm
Who: Beginners looking to capture graffiti art
Price: £10
Meeting: Waterloo Station - Platform 1
End point: Eat on Southbank @ 1pm

The Focus On: Graffiti is organised by Natalie Clarke of The Photo School through  I’ve attended two of their events before and can highly recommend them. 



  1. i saw one in brisbane, i tot it was nice.

  2. Hi Emm! Hope you entered 2011 in great shape!! And that you enjoyed the Graffiti tour...

    Blogtrotter Two is visiting the third largest artificial lake in the world (by volume). Enjoy and have a superb weekend!

  3. The graffiti artists were busy in this tunnel/station. Your event sounds like fun. I just attended a San Francisco meet-up group yesterday. They are fun and you get to meet lots of new people.

  4. Awesome. I'm looking forward to learning how to stop using 'Automatic' on my SLR.

  5. I too share your love for graffiti.
    Interesting photo, as usual.

    Have a great week ahead!

    B xx

  6. Ooooooooooo. That sounds like a blast. I think I'll try to arrange something like that here.

  7. Hi Emm that sounds fun and a great photographic opportunity.

    Personally I find it hard work with the DSLR sometimes.

    I like "organised" graffiti, but loath the stuff that litters many UK cities as I view it as akin to rubbish.

    We never get any out here!

  8. That sounds interesting. I wonder if Banksy ever attend such event, or any graffiti even, though in disguise.

  9. I know some graffiti is just vandalism, but I've never understood its uniform bad rap (no pun intended) here in the states. Most of what I see around here is really interesting and creative. Maybe I should start taking pictures of it....Have fun at your event.

  10. HI Emm what a great idea. There is so much great graffitti and street in Paris. YOu would love it here. Carla

  11. @ Lily: What did you see in Brisbane? Graffiti?

    @ Trotter: I haven't been on the graffiti tour yet. It is taking place in February.

    @ AVCr8teur: I hope you enjoyed your event! I go to quite a few in London but am looking forward t this one the most!

    @ mujerboricua: Yay! I saw that you booked too and I am so pleased! It will be nice to meet you on the day and I am sure we'll all have fun.

    @ Betty: Aaaah, it is not my photo but Natalie's, from the Photo School. I credited her beneath the photo.

    @ Erik: I hope you do - I'd love to see your photos.

    @ Mike: I'm sure you don't get any out there!! The one thing I've noticed about the DSLR is that it is nowhere near as portable but my camera really is good for a dummy like me. I promised I'd try learn some of my camera's features before the day but time is running out.

    @ Con Artist Trickster: You know what, he probably does attend these events!!

    @ Kathy: I agree with you. I really love nicely done graffiti and am definitely of the Banksy school of thought.

    @ Carla: Really? I have yet to visit Paris but wanted to take my mother this year.

  12. I love how much graffiti differs from country to country, city to city and street to street.

    Here's one I took a while back in Armstrong, British Columbia. It was painted on a wall on the back of the high school (Pleasant Valley Secondary School):

  13. @ Erik: That photo is gorgeous! I agree - graffiti is really representative of street culture and distinctive in each city.

  14. I like the photos a lot, especially the ones with a moving object in the focus - like Graffiti_08 or Graffiti_09. I also have a small collection of graffiti. The interesting ones, taken in Sydney and Paris, are published on my travel blog:
    A good thing would be to have maps of the cities where Banksy left his mark - a walking guide to Bristol and London differently.

  15. That would be so cool if I could be there. I've never been that much into Graffiti, but I suppose it's a bit different when you create it yourself.

  16. Not sure if this is a sequel to the one I saw back in 2008, which was entitled "Cans Festival" - although that one was free. Here is the link to photos I took at the time:


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