Friday, 7 January 2011

A Slow and Rainy January Day in London

Dark, Cold, Soggy London
It was not warm, sunny, light or dry in Dartford at 7.32am this morning

Earlier today, as I was sitting at work and planning my activities for our financial year end, I realised with a jolt that I had been in South Africa just seven short days ago. I peered through the skylight above me at an interminable grey sky and listened to the sound of the rain drumming against the panes of glass. In my overactive imagination, I pictured the glass finally giving way and me drowning in a deluge of rain, sleet and snow; the victim of a never-ending London winter. As difficult as it has been to settle back into the rhythm and darkness of London after a glorious trip to sunny South Africa, I must admit that the break did me the world of good with respect to my job and I was soon immersed in my work and figures again.

I’ve been chatting to some of my blogging friends too and may of us are feeling slightly unsettled after returning from holiday this year. It is a new year and this is going to be the most exciting and challenging year yet for me as a tourist and blogger because I have to balance the desire to see the world against a full-time job, studying and of course, friends and family. In the next couple of years I could also take a year off to study full-time and that has a major impact on whether or not I can afford to travel. I’ve decided therefore to reconnect with the purpose of this blog and to start over again.

I had two aims when I started Emm in London:

  • To always see London, my new hometown, through the eyes of a tourist – to marvel at the sites and attractions here and to not get complacent about living and working in one of the greatest cities on the planet.
  • To appreciate the travel opportunities that living in London presented and to record and share my travels around London, Great Britain, Europe and beyond.

If you know anything at all about me, it is that I have the tiniest attention span ever and I have never been able to tolerate doing one thing for long.  I only mention this because I am sure that you have noticed that I alternate my posts between my various adventures and I hope that isn’t too irritating for my readers.  It kind of keeps it all alive for me and reminds me of the wonderful things I have seen. With that in mind, you can still expect posts about London, South Africa, Serbia, Isle of Wight and Scotland in the next couple of months.

As always, I truly appreciate the friends and fellow bloggers that I have met through this blog.  You are the inspiration for both my travels and my blogging. Here’s to an incredible 2011 and sharing our adventures as we all travel the world and see our cities and towns through the eyes of a tourist.



  1. Yay Fabulous post shot..i love your blog..and hey..don't exactly as you are...i love it! Wishing you many sparkles and awesome adventures this 2011! It has been really cool getting to know you..shine on!
    I think you are fab!

  2. Yeah, I've read a couple other "feeling uneasy/unsatisfied" posts from other expat bloggers the past few days, and I myself am feeling much the same way. Wonder if it's something in the water...?

    By the way, I like the border and drop shadow effect on the picture! Makes it look really snazzy.

  3. One of the things I want to do in this world is sightseeing in London, and your blog has a lot to do with this wish of mine!

    Wishing you a great 2011.

  4. Amm, thanks for your attention and for your wonderful blog about life in London and in general.

  5. Peace be with you. A year goes by quickly...just don't be in the contemplative stage for too long...hurry and decide. School/Blog/Weekend travel (and holiday). Seize the day, and I promise that I will too

  6. Keep up the good work! Your passion for travel and new adventures always shines through in every post you write.

    Life is all about moving forward, learning and experiencing new things. The easiest thing in the world to do, is to stand still and tread water, which is what too many people do, myself included at times.

    I know plenty of Londoners and people that live in London, that haven't got a clue about really living in this city. They go nowhere and do nothing! I'm experiencing as much of London as I can before the day comes for me to leave...

  7. whats he best time to travel to UK?

  8. Lovely post :-) Cheers to a great 2011!
    And please don't change a thing about your's perfect the way it is...

  9. I'm partial to your London stuff, Emm, but, then, I'm partial to London in any context 8-). But I enjoy the reports on your other adventures as well.

  10. @ Kiki: Hey! Thanks so much for your encouragement. I guess I was doubting myself just a little bit but your words really helped.

    @ Karen: Aww, I hope your enthusiam has returned! The photo effect is a photo template in Windows Live Writer. If you're not currently using it to compose your posts, I'd really recommend it.

    @ Josep: That is great! In return, you have made Catalan come alive for me!

    @ Valeriy: Oh, it is a pleasure. I love your blog!

    @ Wanda: Hi there! I think I finally have my mojo back and hopefully I'lll be able to get right back on my blogging bike again!

    @ William: Your words are truly inspiring and you are right. If I just remember why I am doing this and make sure that I get out there sometimes, the rest will follow.

    @ Lily Riani: I'd say between the months of May to September. April and October are okay but can be chilly and rainy and November to March are miserable.

    @ Ash: Aaaah, thank you!

    @ Kathy: Thank you! I certainly aim to do more "London stuff" this year and have planned at least one adventure a month.


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