Wednesday, 23 February 2011


London Graffiti Colourful

Street art is about so much more than spray paint and graffiti.  There are many layers and complexities, messages and statements.  To me, it symbolises youth, freedom and critical thinking. 



  1. Love the shot. Graffitists are also very supportive with each other, at least in my city: my boss commissioned a graffitist to paint the facade of the place where I work, and since then there are no other's paintings on it anymore.

  2. I live in Berlin and here graffiti is part of the culture of the city, especially in the East. You cannot graffiti on the remains of the Berlin wall though many try...

  3. Gorgeous Emm...i agree..there i something raw and real and powerfully beautiful that others cannot quite is magnificent and spirited!! Awesome powerful post! thankyou!

  4. See, we still have different conceptions about this stuff, although it is starting to grow on me. I tend to like art with a message that's understandable. I know artists like their audience to read deep into the piece, but sometimes, the piece needs to speak itself.

  5. I love proper street art, but unfortunately not all graffiti is art. I used to have a flat/apartment and my garage door had graffiti sprayed on a number of times which I was not too happy about.

    Of course if they painted something like in your photo I would have been delighted :)

  6. There sure is a lot of amazing graffiti in London, which I find as inspiring as any dusty old painting that sits in the National Gallery.

    There is also unfortunately a lot that is a waste of spray paint and another thing that I see happening is that since street art has become the in thing, too many people are jumping on the bandwagon because they see it as a way to make money and become famous. Which kinda destroys what graffiti is meant to be about or symbolises.

  7. Great perspective! I too agee.

    Interesting shot!
    Love it!!

    Happy weekend!

    B xx

  8. Although your picture is in b&w, I can imagine the colors.

  9. i couldn't agree more with you. I find graffiti interesting to look at when there are paintings or has a message behind it. but in Malaysia, it is a serious offence to draw graffiti on public property. :P

  10. @ Josep: Oh! That is so interesting. So if you have a prblem with graffiti, just get a street artist to do a proper mural?

    @ Pippa: Really? You can't graffiti on the remains of the Berlin Wall? Interesting!

    @ Kiki: "raw and real and powerfully beautiful" That is exactly it.

    @ Lauren: aaah, well, hopefully it will grow on you over time.

    @ Alan: Yeah, graffiti can be a real pain if it is your property!

    @ William: you are so right. It seems to be true that the more visually appealing graffiti is, the more the artist might appear to have sold out.

    @ Betty: Thank you!

    @ AVCr8teur: :) I thought you might.

    @ Life Ramblings: Really? Now that is an interesting fact.


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