Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Shard, London Bridge

The Shard - London Bridge

The Shard is beginning to take my breath away with ever-increasing frequency.  It is an absolutely stunning building and looks far more classy than I ever imagined it would.  I cannot wait until it is finished.



  1. Cannot wait until it is finished...true :-) The view from the top should be breathtaking. It's in Southwark right?

  2. That is one spooky building, especially when it is foggy. It's like something from Gotham City!

  3. Exquisite photo, Emm.
    Great angle!

    Betty xx

  4. I feel the opposite of you Emm and think it is an eyesore. And sadly from what I can see so far it isn't going to look as half as good as the architect drawings have it looking! I had a close up peek the other day and I aint impressed...

    However you have captured it brilliantly...

  5. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this construction. I imagine it will eventually be an iconic image of London.

  6. Juhu, this is high! I would of chourse love to be on top of it!!:-) It must be a wonderful view from there.
    I also see that wonderful color of your sky!

    Have a nice evening.

  7. Hi Emm
    Great to see the Shard in all its glory!!
    We're off again soon

    Love to see you again if it's convenient


  8. A great photograph and any window cleaner seeing the Shard must have an ear to ear grin at the thought of taking on such a magnificent building. Not to mention the money of course.

  9. The view from the inside looking out will probably be as breathtaking as from the street.

  10. I guess we have to wait until it's fully built to see whether it's breathtaking, spooky, or an eyesore.
    But you surely got a nice shot there.

  11. Brilliant photo of the Shard. I stayed at the nearby Hilton last summer and became engrossed in watching the daily construction progress. Perhaps some day I'll be fortunate enough to stay at the buidling's Shangri La hotel or dine at the restaurant - what an incredible view it will have. This will surely change London's skyline.

  12. Wow, Last time I went past it it was still just a grey ,mound of ugly. It's looking much better!

  13. They picked an interesting name for it too. Really good photo at that time of the evening you made it look extra glamorous.

  14. Hi Em, that's a fantastic photo - you've captured the light really well. I also can't wait for The Shard to be finished.

  15. That is definitely going to look amazing. You should get a picture when it's completed (but I bet you were going to do that anyway right?).

    It also reminds me of a building I seen once in Dallas, Texas. Classy and sophisticated just as this building looks.

  16. Who will be taking up residence in it?

  17. Oh it has progressed a lot since I last was down that way. Must take another look

  18. i can wait to plan my london trip after 10 yrs

  19. i bet it's going to look awesome when it's completed construction.

  20. @ Ash: we're starting to see photos taken from the top now and they are exquisite! Yup, it is in Southwark. You walk out of London Bridge Station and there it is.

    @ Eyes Wide Digital: ha! Yes, especially when the top is covered in cloud.

    @ Betty: thank you!

    @ William: I love skyscrapers so I guess I'm biased. Have you been inside the building? I'll be sure to dedicate my special Shard post to you next week.

    @ Kathy: it is my pleasure! It will indeed be a landmark and I'm so glad to be watching it develop.

    @ Spiderdama: it'll be 78 floors high if I remember correctly; I can't wait to go up on the observation deck. The sky did come out well thanks to my Canon!

    @ Revivor: good luck on your run! Email me about meeting up again.

    @ Martyn: oh my, I didn't think about the window cleaning. I wonder if it'll take a whole year like the Yein Towers used to??

    @ AVCr8teur: definitely. I can't wait to hit that observation deck!

    @ C.A.T.: I think it will be pretty! It was so cute lot up like a Christmas tree in December!

  21. @ Lisa: oh wow, Lisa. I did not know about the Shangri La. I am so going to have to stay there.

    @ Gemma: it certainly looks better. I must post comparison shots from the past year.

    @ Laura: it is meant to be a shard of glass piercing up from the skyline. And thank you, I took it at dusk.

    @ Alan: thank you!! It is all down to my awesome new camera.

    @ Daniel: definitely! I will be taking many, many photos of it when finished. Do you remember the name of the building in Dallas?

    @ Ryan: there will be offices, apartments, a hotel and a shopping centre in the complex.

    @ Mo: you must!! Let me know if you ever want to meet up for lunch.

    @ Lily: when are you coming??

    @ Life Ramblings: yeah, I think it is going to be iconic.

  22. Why the architect says the shard will be beautiful due to glass, I wouldn't agree with this as everyday I'm seeing this building rising and the glass window just ordinary clear glass. I'm surprised the creator described this glass as hi tech glass. They should use black or tented glass to add the beauty of this building. Very disappointed.


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