Monday, 25 April 2011

A Gloriously Sunny Easter

We had the most glorious, sunny Easter this year. No doubt it was partially due to the late date of Easter this year but I am sure that luck also played a part! Stephen and I drove up to spend the weekend with our friends in Bolton (near Manchester)

Making boerewors

On the Saturday morning, we helped our host to hand-make some boereworsBoerewors is a famous South African beef sausage and an absolute necessity on any braai (a South African barbeque).  It is translated as ‘farmer’s sausage’.  This was the first time I have ever seen sausage being handmade and I very helpfully turned the food processor on and off.  (Can you believe it? I was actually asked to take a photo on this occasion; it makes a difference to how my photographer is usually considered!)

Glorious Summery Easter Weather

The weather was just incredible yesterday and it was wonderful to just sit and bake in the sun all day.  Of course, I have an impossible mix of olive / peaches-and-cream skin and after going slightly red, I now have no tan whatsoever.  Stephen did most of the cooking and was bushed when we drove back to London last night.


The boerewors is cooked in one big coil over the cooling coals.  This is very important and it is not like a standard barbeque where you cook it over open flame.

Boerewors and Croatian Sausage on the BBQ

We had such a lovely mix of nations yesterday.  Our hosts are Croatian Catholic / Greek Orthodox and were happy that for once, the Orthodox and Catholic Easters fell on the same day.  In the rest of the group, there was a Pole, two Jews, two Londoners, two South Africans and of course, our host’s son who speaks neither Greek nor Croatian and is definitely an English lad.

The other sausages in the photo above were also handmade and were spicy Croatian pork sausages that were delicious.  We also cooked a whole leg of lamb on the barbeque and gammon, salmon and prawns were served as starters.  It was an excellent meal and our host is a cook extraordinaire.

Glorious Sunny Easter Weather

I haven’t experienced such glorious weather in England in a long time and especially up north in Bolton!  I hope this is an indication of the summer to come but I don’t tend to complain when it rains.  I guess it is because I come from Africa where rain represents life, abundance and fecundity.

Vapour Trails and Sunshine

Many people took to the skies too yesterday and we enjoyed watching the vapour trails.  All to soon, the sun was setting and the day was done.  We decided to travel back down to London last night so that I could catch up on my blogging studying today.

How was Easter in your part of the world or did you celebrate Pesach this week?



  1. wow - this weather looks so, err, um - unlike England in the spring.

  2. Now that all looks delicious. Pouring with rain here in the appears we've temporarily swapped weather systems for a bit :)

  3. Hi Emm - looks like you had fun.

    I am getting used to South African terms like braai as I see it on practically every packing list for the people we move back to Cape Town, Durban etc. If you are South African it must be compulsory to own a braai :-)


  4. Wow, those sausages look amazing. I imagine they tasted even better! Will have to make a note that when we host a BBQ I will ask you to bring the sausage ;)

  5. Hi Emm,

    That boerewors looks really tasty! I have seen those whirl shaped sausages more and more lately. I must try one this summer! Although I probably won't make my own. Hehe.

    And the weather was amazing all Easter weekend here in Sweden too. Perfect!

    I also wanted to let you know that I have given you the Stylish Blogger Award in my latest post. You can check it out here:

    Have a continued lovely week!


  6. I love that last photo, the sun looks amazing, it's like a shining star in the day light ;) Hmmm, feeling a little hungry after looking at those sausages...

  7. Wow, never seen that on the grill before..
    We have summerheat here in spring too:-) Beautiful! Wish you a happy week

  8. Lovely :-) Looks like you enjoyed yourself...
    Happy belated easter...

  9. Sounds like you had a productive and tasty Easter. I've not seen sausage cooked coiled up like that. Is that considered one serving for someone? ;)

  10. looks like you had a great time, Emm, and i'm so happy for you.

    the weather, the food...eveything looks SO delish!

    big hugs!
    betty xx

  11. My Easter was quiete, but i must agree the weather was gorgeous i just hope that was the start of summer not the end lol.

    Sounds like you all had a great time :-)

    ps: That wa some sausage lol

  12. The boerewors looks delicious! I love your last photo of the blue sky, sun and vapour trail. The other are good too :)

    Hope you enjoy the long weekend.

  13. Boerewors really is delicous, and just a couple of nights ago I was enjoying some cooked by the fair hand of my Botswanna girl, along with some other African delights which I don't know the name of!

    There has been quite a bit of sunshine in London the past few weeks, my forehead has went very red twice recetly...

  14. The perfect Easter is with friends, meat and sunny weather!

  15. Hello! I just came across your blog today and I'm so happy I did! My husband and I live in Seattle but are looking are relocating to London for a few years. I'm so excited to read more about your adventures!

  16. glad you had a great Easter and i haven't seen boerewors cooked like that before, how interesting!

  17. The weather has been fantastic, hasn't it? I'm just hoping all the good weather hasn't been used up too soon, and that there'll be some left for summer.

  18. @ David: It was glorious! It has been mostly clear lately too, but nowhere near as warm.

    @ Li: Aaaah, we're kind of hoping for a bit of rain soon before we land up with another brown and yellow summer.

    @ Glen: Heh. Definitely, we can't live without our Weber braais!

    @ Nadia: Thank you!

    @ Mujerboricua: Heh. Perhaps we can bring some to your Fourth of July party.

    @ Alexandra: Thanks for the award! I'll go check it out!

    @ Slappy Bear: Yeah! I was really happy how that photo came out!

    @ Spiderdama: if you ever visit South Africa you would certainly see it!

    @ Ash: It was lovely!

    @ AVCr8teur: oh my hat, no! It is pure beef sausage and really filling so you have the equivalent of one sausage each.

    @ Betty: It was lovely!

    @ Steve: Yeah, I hope we have a lovely summer!

    @ Alan: Heh, I knew you'd appreciate it!!!

    @ William: Oooh, do they eat boerewors in Botswana too? It is yummy.

    @ Italo: It was perfect!

    @ Carol: Ooooh, a big move! Very exciting but scary and crazy too!

    @ Life Ramblings: It was lovely, thank you!

    @ Sheila: I'm optimistic for the summer, I am sure it will be fab!


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