Saturday, 6 August 2011

Thank You to my Race for Life Sponsors!


I recently received a message to say that my sponsorship page for the Race for Life 2011 had closed.  We raised a record £224.00 this year and I had to keep increasing my target each time we exceeded it!

Thank you so much to the people that donated, including my parents, family, friends and colleagues.

I’d also like to thank the following bloggers who donated and thus earned a free month’s advertising on Emm in London for their blogs:


Josep from Secret Forest

Steve from bethere2day

Karen from AVCr8teur's Photo Blog


I have taken part in the Race for Life every year since 2008.  It is always an emotionally charged event as this is specifically a race to raise funds for cancer research.  My father was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and through a combination of surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, he seems to have beaten it.  Last Monday, on the fifth anniversary of his diagnosis, he went for a CT scan and received the all clear.  I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for that.

But for every success story, there are many more people that cancer takes from us every year.  In the past ten years, all of us have lost more parents, friends and family to cancer than we care to count and I know that I will carry on walking for a cure until cancer is beaten. 

Who knows, maybe by next year I’ll finally be fit enough to run the 10 km?  The 5 km was literally a walk in the park this year!



  1. Thank you, Emm, for taking part in it! Cancer research consists in fact in a lot of different researches, and every and each of them needs our support. Doctors said to my father from the very beginning that there was no cure for him. We can't let this happen ever again.

  2. Even a walk in the park was a good thing to have done. Good for you. I've thought about doing the walk for cancer each year. Something usually comes up to 'save' me.

  3. Well done! A 5km run is 5km more than I could do, and I admire anyone who raises money. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to sponsor you. Is there any way I can donate even though the page is closed?

  4. My mum battled breast cancer and won, however it took so much out of her throughout the course of her treatment. Emm your effort is outstanding, a huge well done to you.

  5. Congratulations for participating in a good cause. I'm glad to hear about your father. It's a terrible disease and I hope we can find a cure soon!

  6. What a wonderful effort for a worthy cause! This is an amazing thing you've done, think of all the people who will benefit from this!

    congratulations, Emm and thank you!!

  7. Great way to show support for cancer research. glad to hear that your father is now cancer free.

  8. My mom also had beaten breast cancer when I was a high school student. I exactly know the patients' fear while they were diagnosed with cancer. Your efforts will help those who need our support. You are soooooo great.

  9. Yay Congrats you and to your dad..who is all in the clear..hooray..what a beautiful gift! Lovely and super-inspiring post...just like you!
    Shine on! YOu are awesome!!

  10. We have "Relay for Life" here, which is basically the same thing only it lasts 24 hours and someone from your team must always be walking the track. There are all sorts of activities, fundraisers, and other silly shenanegans, and other not so silly memorial services and survivor speeches. I've always been amazed by the amount of work people put into it and its events like that that really make you think there is good left in human kind :)
    Congrats on making a difference!

  11. I'm sure this is a good thing and you do a good job:-) Most of my family is dead of cancer..

    You just have to get over to Norway to see the Northern Lights. It's not often here in the south , but if you have patient..
    If you come to Norway you are anyway always welcome to us, we always have rooms available:-)

  12. Hi Emm! Hope everything is fine with you and no trouble in the neighbourhood...

    Blogtrotter Two is preparing to leave St. Florent. Enjoy and have a wonderful week!!

  13. Congratulations for your battle against Cancer...
    Regards from France Emm,


  14. @ Josep: I agree! We have to fight to make sure it doesn't happen.

    @ Laura: it is definitely a lot of dynamic and you feel incredible afterwards!

    @ Wendy: there is possibly a way to donate to Cancer Research direct but no longer on my page. Maybe you can find something in France?

    @ Ryan: so glad to hear about your mum! Yeah, the treatment takes so much out of them.

    @ Karen: thank you and thanks again for helping me exceed my target!

    @ Marion: thank you! And yes, the people at Cancer Research make huge advances each day!

    @ Life Ramblings: thank you!

    @ Ellen: so good to hear about your mum! And thank you!

    @ Kiki: thank you!!!

    @ Sarah: I have heard of the Relay for Life. Gosh, I only gave up 1 hour of my life, that must be quite an event to organise!!!

    @ Spiderdama: so sorry to hear about that. It seems to be a factor in many deaths in my family too.

    @ Trotter: no, no riots in my neighbourhood.

    @ Pierre: thank you!

  15. Well done! I don't think I could ever have run 5 km even in the days when I went jogging. But it's such a worthwhile cause and not only raises money but keeps the cause in the public eye.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog,by the way. I've been unable to post or even view the internet very much lately but I'm posting when I can, and today I'm catching up on my blog visits.

  16. Well done, what a great contribution. It's years since I did it. Then I walked and still nearly collapsed afterwards.

  17. @ Jenny: I'm not a natural long distance runner (always been a sprinter, which came in handy catching trains) so it is not easy for me. But I'll get there.

    @ Sheila: Thiswas definitely the best year yet - I felt like I had barely exercised and that was all down to doing EA Sports on the Wii Fit.


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