Sunday, 29 January 2012

Meeting Up at Ping Pong Dim Sum

Ping Pong Dim Sum Restaurant

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with a lovely group of expats and bloggers at the Ping Pong Dim Sum restaurant in Goodge Street.  There were just eight of us including Greg and Mela from Sifting Through... Expat Edition, Lindsay and Jen from She Went Away, Oneika from Oneika the Traveller, Melissa from Wanderlust - Witness to Britness and Candace from Candace Rose Rardon.

Ping Pong very kindly invited us for a complimentary meal and beverage and we had a great time.  We all decided to order the Ping Pong Collection Set Meal which is very reasonably priced at £9.95 per person.

Roast Pork Puff and Fried Dim Sum

We started off with a baked roast pork puff which was deliciously sweet.  We also had a selection of fried dim sum including a crispy duck spring roll, Vietnamese rice paper prawn roll and a mixed vegetable spring roll.  I loved the crispy duck and prawn rolls!

I ordered a Strawberry and Vanilla Iced Tea to go with my meal.  It was really good but I was enjoying it far to much to take the time to photograph it!  It was a strawberry purée, vanilla sugar and jasmine iced tea served with tasty Asian basil seeds.  The basil seeds were crunchy which is not something I would usually enjoy but I did on this occasion.

Steamed dim sum

Our second course consisted of a selection of steamed dim sum served with a delicious parcel of vegetable sticky rice.  The steamed dim sum are my favourites and the very reason I like dim sum so much.  From left to right above, we had a chicken & cashew nut dumpling , chicken shu mai,  chive dumpling (with King Prawn), spicy vegetable dumpling and har gau (King Prawn dumpling).  The were all really, really good!

I haven’t had a set meal at Ping Pong before but I definitely think it is the way to go in the future.  I liked everything that I ate but I also got to sample items that I never would have ordered before (specifically because I need to be very, very careful when eating sea food!)

Flowering tea

To finish off a lovely meal, I had a Flowering Jasmine and Lily Tea.  This is honestly the most fun I have ever had with a beverage before!  You are presented with a glass of piping hot water and a tea bud is dropped into the glass before you.  The bud then sinks and unfurls to present a beautiful flower at the bottom of the glass.  Al that and it tastes good too!

We really had a lot of fun and I would like to thank Ping Pong for inviting us along!  We do try to meet up at least once a month so if you are an expat or a blogger and would like to join us, please get in touch! We hope to go bowling in February and are planning on going to Canterbury in March.

Ping Pong Dim Sum (Goodge Street branch)
48 Newman Street
London W1T 1QQ



  1. OOOOH...That tea is almost too pretty to drink. A local restaurant here in Miami serves a drink that has something in it that makes it bubble like a hot spring but the drink is cold. It's called Bubbles and Ice and is fun too. Yours is prettier.

  2. Special meal with special friends. Nice:-) But I I would not dare to drink it.

  3. looks yummy, i love dim sum too and the beverage is so beautifully presented. i wonder what it tastes like.

  4. How wonderful! Wish I had some blogging expats around here... That jasmine tea sound awesome :)

  5. Be still my belly! As you may know, I enjoy food photography. What you present is almost too pretty to eat and drink...almost. ;) The tea sounds interesting, but wow, what fun to photograph.

  6. I love London it's a wonderful place!! i was been there two months ago and I miss it so much!!
    visit my blog on
    xoxo Marika

  7. Your photos of the food are really fantastic!!

  8. I like dim sum, yummy. The beverage, Flowering Jasmine and Lily Tea looks great.

  9. @ Japolina: It tasted really good too!

    @ Spiderdama: Luckily, I had a fairly good idea what was in it or I may not have been so brave myself.

    @ Life Ramblings: It was very subtle and quite refreshing. It had no green tea in so it did not have that sharp taste.

    @ Ivanhoe: Have you been onto ExpatBlog and made sure you don't have expats in your area?

    @ Rob: I do know that and I learned that food photography is not as easy as it looks!!

    @ Marika: Come back!

    @ Oneika: Thank you!

    @ Ellen: it was lovely indeed!


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