Saturday, 18 February 2012

Petrovaradin Fortress on the Frozen Dunav River

Petrovaradin Fortess on the Frozen Dunav River February 2012

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this photo on my friend Maja’s Facebook page.  I could see the chunks of ice in the foreground and wondered where on earth this could be.  Then I noticed it was in Maja’s album, “novosadski momenti” which translates as Novi Sad moments. 

I looked again, closer this time and spotted the famous clock on the left hand side of the building and it dawned on me that this is a photo of the Petrovaradin Fortress on the frozen Dunav River (the Danube as it flows through Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria).

It seems incredible to me that a large, flowing river such as the Dunav could freeze over. 

Petrovaradin Fortess on the Frozen Danube

If I was thankful before for the mild London winter, I am even more so now!

Click to see more Serbian snow carnage at Belgrade Streets: “Thoughts on Snow”.

Thanks to Maja for letting me use her photos!

On a side note, I have been experiencing a lot of problems commenting on Blogspot blogs this week. I spent the first couple of days of this week in bed sick and had nothing else to do but catch up on people’s blogs.  But all of the comments I’ve been making have been disappearing off people’s blogs!  If you’re on Blogspot, please could you check your spam folders to check if the comments have been moved there?  Otherwise, I’ll just have to chalk it up to bad luck and hope it doesn’t happen again.  (No, now is not the time for Team Wordpress comments!)



  1. Most of Europe is experiencing such things in the last month. Even back home we had some problems with water freezing inside the underground installation. This has never happened before - at least not in the last 30 years.

    Oh, you were right about your posts being identified as spam. You must have really done a serious amount of commenting for Uncle Google to mistake you for a spammer. ;)
    I hope the recovery went well and you are feeling better now.

  2. yes, it is strange as this is almost south of Europe, well, at least center but it does happen:)

  3. yes, pretty incredible the Danube freezing like that !
    great photos
    hope your blogger problems have gone, just like your sickness

  4. It had to be a really cold day. I've rescued a pair of comments on my blog from the spam folder, thanks for the side note!

  5. You know what, I noticed that your comments always go to the Spam folder...I have no idea why!

  6. I'm so happy for our mild winter here in Ohio, too :) Our spring and summer really sucked so I hope this is the reward...

  7. does the government clean up the snow? it would be great to ice skate on the frozen river. for some reason, your comments always go the spam folder and i always wonder why.

  8. i wish you the best speedy recovery Emm.

  9. Brrr, that cold dip that ended last week has left me really missing warm summers in the Southern hemisphere. Still, when I think of how many homeless people have died in Eastern (and Western) Europe because of something as simple as cold weather, it makes me grateful for the roof over my head and the heating. Let's hope those freezing days don't return.

  10. Hi Emm,
    Interesting item. The Thames in London used to freeze quite regularly and famous frost fairs were held. Follow this link:

  11. Hehe, it happens all the time here too:-)
    But, we also have a very warm winter in the south part of Norway and that`s good!!

  12. Wow! My husband's family are from near Novi Sad and I've only ever seen this scene in summer when it resembles a beach with locals sunbathing on the banks of the river. I knew it was cold there at times but would never have imagined the river would freeze!

  13. @ Marko: I know! I never thought I commented that much! That will teach me! You are right about the winter - for many people it is the worst southern European winter in living history. How strange that we had the mildest winter in living history??

    @ Ola: The good news is that it can only improve next year!

    @ Anni: heh, sickness gone but Blogger problems ongoing. The photos are good, aren't they??

    @ Josep: Thank you! I can't begin to imagine how cold it must have been there and so many people perished.

    @ Ashley: Apparently I was too enthusiastic. I also suspect because I use too many exclamation marks!!

    @ Ivanhoe: Well, we also had a rubbish summer. I guess you are right, this is our reward.

    @ Life Ramblings: you know, I have no idea. Here in the UK they make the roads passable and grit the pavements but they also just leave large areas to melt. The photos I have seen from Serbia seemed to show that the snow wasn't going anywhere!

    @ Wendy: Agreed! I do miss South African summers but I don't miss our winters!!

    @ Wissy: you know, I actually know about that! I really hope I don't live to see the Thames freeze again in my lifetime!

    @ Spiderdama: I would expect it in Norway, just not in Serbia and the Balkans!

    @ Sarah: Oooh, lucky you! You must get to visit often then!


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