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iPhone App Review: Get Taxi

The Shard and HMS Belfast at Dawn

The challenge: I needed to get to Tower Bridge Millennium Pier by 5am this morning for a London at Dawn photo walk.  In order to do this, I would need to leave home at approximately 4am and there are no trains or buses leaving from my area at that time of the morning. I could drive but I am not the happiest driver at the best of times and I certainly do not function well without my beauty sleep.  Not only that, but I would have to pay £20 for parking and still drive home after a 6 hour photo walk.  It wasn’t ideal.

I was lucky then that the lovely people from Get Taxi contacted me to review their app.  Catching a taxi to Tower Bridge was the ideal solution and I would be able to relax on the train home afterwards.  

Adding and installing the app: This is really easy.  I searched for “Get Taxi” in the App Store, selected the first result and installed the free app. Once installed, you add your mobile number (this is very important as confirmations and notifications are sent to your mobile) and a confirmation code is sent via text.  Enter the code and you are then ready to make a booking.

Making a booking: the booking process is easy, perhaps too easy.  You go to “Get Taxi” and enter your pick up address.  You can then enter details such as when you’d like to be picked up (I booked mine a week in advance) and you can optionally add a destination too.  Seeing as I was travelling over 20 miles at 4:15am on a Sunday morning, I thought it best to add my destination!

If you are ordering a taxi to arrive as soon as possible, you are given an estimated time of arrival at this point but an advance booking will tell you your chosen time.

You then select how you’d like to pay and the very next option will place your order. 

Once your order is placed, the full details will appear under “Rides”.

The details: You receive two further texts from Get Taxi.  One fifty minutes before arrival, to say that the taxi is on the way, and one when the taxi arrives.  You pay in one of three ways: credit card, cash or voucher. 

My experience: I really enjoyed the easy installation, set up and booking process.  I was given a voucher for £50 and found it very easy to add this voucher to my account. The credit then appeared in my account under the “Me” tab.  I was a little unsettled because there is no way to get an estimated cost of the journey through the app.  However, there is a customer care number clearly stated in the app and I was able to phone through last Sunday afternoon to obtain an estimate of between £50 and £70.

I received a text at 3:25 this morning to say that the taxi was on the way and then another at 4:16 to say that the driver had arrived.  We reached our destination right on time at 5am and the cost was £69.80. 

We were a little unsure at first as to how to use the voucher but once again, we were easily able to get hold of the customer care line, even at 5am in the morning.  It turns out that it was as easy as the driver selecting “coupon” on his system and his account being automatically credited with my voucher amount.  I was then able to pay the remaining £20 in cash.

The verdict: This whole experience was really good and I would highly recommend this app.  I do think the app could be enhanced by providing users with a quotation before they go ahead and commit to an order but otherwise, everything was good.  The driver was friendly and the customer care accessible and professional at all times.

Thank you very much to Get Taxi for telling me about their app. I was provided with a voucher in order to review this service but all opinions contained herein are my own.

Do you like the photo above? It was taken at 5:43am this morning and was just one of over 200 photos I took in a walk from Tower Bridge to Columbia Flower Market via Leadenhall Market, Spitalfields and Brick Lane.  I look forward to sharing my photos!



  1. Such taxi apps have just appeared on the New Zealand mobile market as well, however, as an android user I am having to wait a little longer, as usual :) The Shard looks absolutely magnificent; a true masterpiece of modern engineering! Looking forward to seeing all your other photos, love G.

  2. Can't wait to see the other pix! Dawn light is so lovely (not that I usually see it myself 8-) ).

  3. That is a demonstration of sheer dedication, to go on a photo shoot at dawn. I normally see dawn in the winter time only.

  4. After reading your post I almost am sorry that I do not live in London in order to be able to use this priceless info
    The picture is spectacular and I look forward to what's coming

  5. hi emm, thank you for this informative and interesting post.

    the photo is absolutely stunning! look forward to seeing all your other photographs.


  6. Sounds like an interesting app but none of those cool iPhone apps work with HTC phones...

    Funny you should upload a picture of The Shard because I just mentioned it in my latest blog post... I hate that thing lol

  7. We went to London at Dawn on Thursday 19th - although caffeine fuelled up to our eyeballs, it was such a great way to see London, Anthony and Nick are so great too!

  8. Wonderful image Em! I am a bit jealous, I sure wish I were there for an early morning London photo walk. I look forward to viewing your images. Thank you for the information on the Get taxi app. This sounds like a wonderful tool to use. Think about those weekend party nights when one does not wish to drive home afterwards. This could be a very good service.

  9. Fabulous photo Emm...beautiful....and intersting post..very cool!

  10. Lovely photo. Sounds like a great way to see London.

  11. A 6 hour photo walk that is what I would call an extreme walk. I have done many late night walks in London, but never an early morning one... one of these days I will get around to it... probably!

    I think the app not providing an exact quotation is something they need to fix. If I phone up my local taxi company they will tell me exactly how much my journey will cost, not what it might cost!

  12. Hm, without the quote feature, i doubt I'd use it. I want to know what the cost will be before renting a taxi - even if it's just an estimate. They should fix that.

    also - the shard is looking more complete now, eh?

  13. Nice review! Get Taxi hasn't arrived in my neck of the woods, but it sounds like it's a handy app. I look forward to seeing more of your photos. Was it an organized photowalk?

  14. Oh my up at 4am I'm impressed. I'll probably never get great images like yours. Does the app deliver coffee too?

  15. Sounds useful although I don't usually need to book taxis as we have a taxi rank 3 mins away and are quite central anyway so they are always cruising around like bees! For early trips for planes etc I usually use a reliable local mini cab company I know, much cheaper than black cabs. This could be useful when coming out of a theatre etc when all the taxis are full, you could book one in the interval.

    And oh, your photo is lovely!

    By the way I am not getting updates of this blog I wil investigate when I get back to my computer.

  16. I just noticed it's already been a week since you published this blog post! I enjoy reading them, and the pictures as well... keep them coming!

  17. thanks for the review. your twilight photo is amazingly beautiful. i can't wait to see more of your photos.

  18. Beautiful photo indeed! Looking forward to seeing more taken at that time of day.


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