Thursday, 1 November 2012

Earning a Living on Shoreditch High Street

A short while ago, David from CabbieBlog ask me to take part in the London Grill, a series of interviews where Londoners are asked to reply to ten questions about their life in London.  In return, I asked David to contribute a guest post on an aspect of London, anything from a snapshot to a photo essay.  This is what he had to say.

London is a competitive place, even if you have to live from what you can get on the street you need that edge. One entrepreneur seems to have the right business plan.

The owner of George can be found most days on Shoreditch High Street sketching to make a living, while his dog has to pay for his keep.

George sits patiently with his paw resting on the peak of an upturned cap expecting the odd small change to be dropped into it. Not surprisingly George is the most successful in the area at obtaining donations.

George and his owner


About the Guest Author

David at CabbieBlogDavid is a Licensed Black London Cabbie since 1997 and over that time and the five years that it took to gain “The Knowledge”, he has grown to love and despair of London in equal measure. Why spend money sitting in a cab listening to whingeing from your cabbie, when you can sit in comfort at home and read it for free?

David blogs at CabbieBlog and you can catch up with him on Facebook or  Twitter: @CabbieBlog & @LondonCabbie.



  1. so nice that you get invited to participate in all this stuff !
    well done !

  2. that is a pretty sweet face. i'd be a sucker for throwing some change in that hat.

  3. I didn't know you lived in Shoreditch! That's just a stone throw away from where I will be in 10 days. When I come to London I stay in East London, there is a special place in my heart for Hackney, I know it's not the nicest or the most glamorous, but I like it... and I love the history and all the diversity and culture.

  4. @ This is Belgium: Awww, I think it is nice to guest post on each other's blogs!

    @ Bon Bon: I know! Such a sweet little thing.

    @ Tammy: Heh, I don't. This was a guest post written by David from Cabbie Blog. I live in Dartford.

  5. aw, such an adorable face! but can't help thinking...poor little pup!

    big hugs~

  6. Thanks to your post, i had a story to tell my friend last night when we were walking home. The conversation ended up discussion beggars on the street... puppy in my mind.

  7. @ Betty: I know, but he does look quite well kept and well fed. I hope so anyway!

    @ Jen: my job here is done!


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