Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wishing Upon A Star… A Travel Wishlist

There is no doubt about it, I am a very lucky girl and living in England has provided me with fantastic opportunities to travel. This year, some of my biggest travel dreams are coming true and I’m finally visiting Italy (twice!), Croatia, Bosnia and Belgium. The one thing about travel is that the more you travel, the more you want to travel and so I have started to feel a little bit bad about the places I’m not travelling to this year but which have been on my to-visit list for ages. If I could wish upon a star, these are the places I would really like to visit one day:

Foggy Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

I’ve wanted to visit Prague ever since a university friend gave me Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being for my 18th birthday. You could say that Prague was my first real travel love and so it seems crazy that I haven’t visited there yet. I want to walk down foggy alleyways, see the famous clocks and buildings, and hide away in a Bohemian cafe with my very worn copies of Kundera’s books. There are always city break deals to Prague so we have no excuse really!

Lisbon, Portugal

Have you ever had a good friend that you hadn’t met yet? Well, I have a very good friend living just outside of Lisbon and I’ve wanted to meet her in person for almost ten years! Despite my best plans, it never seems to happen; perhaps it would be better if I just hopped on a plane one weekend? Portugal is such an amazing country though and people will tell you that there is so much to see beyond Lisbon. The one idea I have had is to rent a villa in Algarve for a couple of weeks one September. I definitely aim to visit Portugal by the end of 2014!

Warsaw, Poland

With my keen interest in history and my love for Polish food, it should be no surprise that I want to visit Poland and this is one of Stephen’s top destinations too. But like all of the other destinations on this list, Poland just seems to be one of those places that we never land up booking. I’m admittedly unsure as to whether I want to visit Krakow or Warsaw first but would probably head for the latter as I have a blogging friend there.

Minsk, Belarus

I’ll admit that a couple of years ago, I hadn’t even heard of Belarus and I certainly couldn’t place it on a map. Then I read the account of one blogger who had visited Minsk and was of the opinion that the city and country had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Yet the more she waxed on about Soviet-era architecture, crazy taxi drivers and the impossibly difficult language, the more I wanted to visit. Of course, Minsk is apparently one of the coldest cities on earth, so you will find me there in July!

Oslo, Norway

You might know that I took an introductory Norwegian language course last summer because I am fascinated by the Norwegian language. It really interests me how many words the language has in common with Afrikaans, one of the languages spoken in South Africa. With ridiculously cheap flights from London to Oslo, it seems crazy that we haven’t visited yet but somehow the flight times and dates never work out. Once again, I have a dear blogging friend in nearby Grimstad so one day I hope to visit and to meet up with her.

What is on your travel wishlist? What do you think of my choices? Do you like them or do you find them a bit strange?

Photo credit: Prag im Nebel foggy prague uploaded by Claudia Lubitz on 500px.

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