Friday, 28 February 2014

Urban Colour: Landscapes and Diversity

Burano, Italy

Wow, what a crazy week! The competition has definitely kicked off over here and I had tons of entries this week for the Colour Me Urban competition! I’m sure you know by now that I’m giving away an iPhone 5S and you have less than one week left to enter. The theme is “urban colour” and all you have to do to enter is upload photo to Twitter or Instagram, tag it #ColourMeUrban and tell me you’ve entered on the competition page.

Meanwhile, life changing things are happening in my real life and I was so busy on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that yes, this post is a day late! I hope you can all forgive me for keeping you in suspense. I won’t keep you waiting any longer, here are my next two finalists!

1. Pluralism and Diversity

Pluralism and multi-culturalism

I really enjoyed student Zain Mitha’s interpretation of the theme. He took this photo at his school and said, “being pluralistic means working with everyone”. He added that the school encourages students to express themselves through art and that it shows them how people can com together. What a great message!

Follow Zain on Twitter: @ZainMitha

2. A Burning Sunset in Saltburn


There is nothing more gritty and urban than a steelworks but this photo is simply drenched in colour. This photo is of the Saltburn Pier looking towards the steelworks at Redcar in North Yorkshire and it is simply glorious. Something about it reminds me of the double decker highway in Johannesburg, also known as the City of Gold.

Follow Jimmy on Twitter: @JimmybJimmyb157

Runners Up: Bright Lights and Urban Signs

I have to admit, it was not easy to pick the winners this week and there were so many good entries. These entries definitely deserve special mention:


I am very envious of Melissa’s recent solo trip to Morocco! Melissa took this photo in Marrakech saying, “Nicer than the spice. Flower buds looking and smelling heavenly in the Jewish market”.

Follow Melissa on Instagram: @wanderlust2311

Harris Flights Preston

Usually when you visit an art gallery, it is for the art inside but at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery in Preston, the gallery is part of the art! Tony Openshaw submitted this photo of the Harris Flights.

Follow Tony on Twitter: @TonyTwo

Busan, South Korea

Rose submitted this really colourful scene of the shop signs in Busan, South Korea.  She said that they really love colour there!

You can follow Rose on Twitter: @Happyhooe

Council buildings

And finally, Kelly submitted this photo of the old council offices in her home town. She said that the council decided to add colour to the windows to make it less of an eye sore. It will soon be demolished but has been standing like this for about five years!

Follow Kelly on Twitter: @kellydove3

Remember that there are just five days left to enter the competition! If you live in the UK, be sure to enter before 5 March 2014!

The clock started again yesterday now so if you haven’t entered yet, do so now!

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