Monday, 11 May 2015

An Unexpected Interlude


Back in February when I wrote about the return of daylight, I had no idea that it would be my last post on Emm in London for thirteen weeks. If I'd known, I might have made a little song and dance about it, perhaps cheerfully announced that I was taking a little spring break. But it wasn’t planned and it wasn’t a break – it was simply a case of real life getting in the way.

When our offices moved to the East End in January, I was excited to be in a new area and to have many possible new routes to work. I could walk, explore, take photos, listen to audiobooks and generally fall in love with London all over again. But then the reality of our new office situation set in.

My commuting time is at least an hour longer every day and that is before we add train delays and cancellations. In addition to that, things have gone slightly pear-shaped at work and my average working day is ten to eleven hours long. When you come home only to eat, go to sleep and rush off to work again in the morning, something has to give especially if you’re studying a professional qualification on top of all that. In my case it was this blog. I simply didn’t even have time to say cheerio, I’ll be back soon.

So am I back? To be honest, I don’t know. In my time away, I’ve figured out what I missed. I miss my blogging friends more than I can say. I realised that reading about your lives on farms and in cities around the world keeps me grounded while allowing me to vicariously satisfy my wanderlust. I miss telling my stories and sharing my photos. I miss discovering new art galleries and museums and sharing that with the world. I miss falling in love with London (and England) every day and peddling that love affair to fellow anglophiles.

Most of all, I missed this space and the creative outlet it provides. I miss weaving words and photos together and drawing inspiration from other creative people.

So I will try not to disappear again for 3 months (at least until next year end when I’ll probably do it again). I will update from time to time when I find inspiration or when I’m travelling. I’ve got a couple of photo essays up my sleeves from my past travels and I look forward to sharing those. But I don’t know if I am back in the sense that I still won’t be able to find much time for anything until my work situation changes.

How are you? And what have you been up to in the last three months?

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