Turkey: Bitez Beach

Saturday was our last proper day of holiday as the next day would involve checking out and travelling home.  We decided to take a walk down to Bitez beach and we accessed the beach via Halilim Cd.  At the bottom of the road was the most amazing sports bar and restaurant offering free beach loungers, a relaxation area between the beach and the restaurant and nice, inexpensive Western food and drinks.  The Yorkshire couple we had met on Thursday night had recommended it as they basically leave you alone the entire day and let you run a tab as you alternate between swimming in the sea, lounging by the beach or in the shade or eating in the restaurant and watching a bit of sport.  We even fell asleep for almost an hour in the relaxation area!

Turkey will always look like this to me

The View From the Shaded Relaxtion Area

They must have enjoyed making these!

Stephen looking relaxed after pizza and drinks

And all too soon our holiday rushed to an end.  After an amazing day relaxing on Saturday, it was back to business on Sunday as we packed, checked out, had one last Turkish breakfast and lunch and took the coach to the airport.  Our plane was delayed by two hours (which is the bane of package tours) but the airport was comfortable enough and we just read and played Sudoku.  The flight home was appalling and Stephen promised that he would never, ever fly cattle class again.  It's a pity our next trip is a long-haul flight to South Africa then!  The cost will be astronomical!

End of Turkish part of holiday updates - Manchester still to come.

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  1. Wow--Turkey looks amazing!

  2. @ Just A Plane Ride Away. Yeah, it was absolutely amazing and I would definitely recommend it. If there weren't so many other places that we need to visit, we'd consider going back again to get one of those carpets!


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