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When I love something, I can't wait to tell other people about it. That usually happens organically on this blog as I share my experiences in London and on my travels but I also like to work with carefully selected partners. My readers know that they can trust me to provide open and honest reviews of my experiences and my partners know to expect enthusiastic and colourful coverage.

I aim to provide real time coverage of experiences and events so that my readers can share the experience through Instagram, Twitter and my Facebook page. 

I Am Available For:

All collaborations are disclosed. Links remain for 12 months unless otherwise discussed.

I Am Not Available For:

Before contacting me, it might interest you to know that I do not participate in affiliate marketing on the blog nor do I accept guest or sponsored posts.

Contact Me:

Please do get in touch if you would like to work on a partnership. My name is Mandy and my email is

A few statistics:

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