The City of Bath

We arrived in Bath at about 11am and after searching for some time for a parking bay, made our way down to Bath Abbey.

Bath is an extremely picturesque town and it must be an amazing sight to see in the summer months.

Bath - Gardens Leading Down to the River AvonGardens Leading Down to the River Avon

We approached Bath Abbey from behind and I was so unimpressed with this tourist coach as it remained parked there and ruined my shot!

Behind Bath AbbeyBehind Bath Abbey

These are taken from the side of the abbey - click on the photos for bigger pictures.  I love old churches.  I never tire of looking at them and admiring their intricacies.

Bath Abbey Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey elevationBath Abbey

At the front of the abbey you can see Jacob's Ladder running up on the two pillars.  The town Christmas tree was planted right on the ideal photo-taking spot! 

Jacob's Ladder at Bath Abbey Jacob’s Ladder at Bath Abbey

The reason for us coming to visit the town of Bath was to see the famous Roman Baths.  Of course, they were so absolutely amazing that they deserve their own post!

Entrance to the Roman Baths, BathEntrance to the Roman Baths in Bath

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  1. Sorry I haven't commented in a while, I love old churches too, I don't really like modern buildings very much.

  2. @ Pizza: Hey, you don't ever have to worry about commenting - I make no demands of my readers! I went to York today and took loads of cool pictures of churches. One day I will catch up with my posts and post all of that.


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