Road Trip (North): Liverpool part 2

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So after planning our route for the day, we headed straight down into Mathew Street to see the club where The Beatles first played back on 21 February 1961.

Possibly the most successful band of all time, The Beatles played 292 appearances at The Cavern Club between 1961 and 1963 and it was at the club that they were discovered by Brian Epstein. Their last appearance was on 3 August 1963, a month after they recorded "She Loves You". Brian Epstein had promised they would return one day to play at the club but then Beatlemania exploded all over England and there was no way a tiny little club like The Cavern could have accommodated them anymore. And it is tiny - heck, I don't even know if the whole of Mathew Street could have coped with the phenomenon that was The Beatles.

The Cavern Club Liverpool (2)   The Cavern Club Liverpool (3)
The Cavern Club Liverpool (4)   The Cavern Club Liverpool (5)

The Cavern Club today has been designed to resemble the original club as closely as possible and it still functions as a live music venue. The bar staff absolutely did not even bat an eyelid as we walked in with our cameras and took some pictures. That's okay - I've stopped for drinks there before so I know I haven't always just been a camera-wielding flash-tourist.

The Beatles aren't the only famous band to have played at The Cavern or to have hailed from Liverpool so I took the opportunity to snap the Wall of Fame and a nice young man that was sitting there. (That is Mister Emm for those who don't know).

The Cavern is attached to the boutique arcade, Cavern Walks. They have a Vivienne Westwood store there and they had a sale on. Unfortunately, spending £350 on a cardigan is not my idea of a bargain so we moved on swiftly. It is worth walking through Cavern Walks to get a picture of the Fab Four in action though.

Next it was time for a visit to the pier head. Just as well as it was shaping up to be a stunning day. I'll have to update about that on the weekend though - it is definitely time for bed!

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  1. Emm! I love your site. I love this post. I am so excited that you are following ME! I am going to follow YOU! Then we're just going to go 'round in a big circle.

    I'm getting dizzy.

    I can't wait for you to comment about the five films I've posted. Hurry! Do it now!

    Why haven't you posted yet?

    I am so impatient.

  2. I love the pictures you posted!

  3. Wonderful place! I remember we had a few little clubs like that in Prague. Surely not with Beatles history, but they were fun :o)

  4. Oh what a fun trip! I can tell you had a good time :-)

  5. @ Forrest: Welcome! :o) I am continually playing catch up in my life (which you'll notice after a while) so patience is a virtue with me!! Seriously though - thanks for following! You should do what my friend at Pizza's Book Discussion does - he nominates a book for the month and says how everyone must read it by a certain time so people can review it. You should do a film club!

    @ Khaye: Thanks! You have a really interesting blog!

    @ Ivanhoe: Yes, but imagine how interesting they must have been with all the student activity in the 60's! I would have loved to have been around in those times!

    @JaPRA: Yes - I love it there!

  6. That looks so neat Emm, thank you for taking me along with you as always. I am going to miss you.



  7. Hi Emm:
    Just stopping by to answer your question. I'll be a Medical Assistant when I'm done in August. That's just like a nurse, except I cannot administer any drugs to patients.

  8. @ Jodi: Thanks as always for stopping by! I hope you're feeling better.

    @ Ivanhoe: That is a great profession - a noble choice to go back to school and help other people!


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