Where I work: Sunning by our head office

After a gruelling set of health and safety and facilities meetings that lasted over three hours and left me slightly dazed, I left our head office at 12pm earlier today to head back to my own office.  I will take this opportunity to mention, as I always do, that JM Barrie wrote Peter Pan in a room on the fourth floor of our head offices.  I posted a picture of our building here and one day I promise I will remember to take my camera along when I visit the fourth floor meeting room so that you can see the room itself.

I walked into the park around the corner from our offices and was greeted with a scene of mild pandemonium.

It’s not every day you see an emergency helicopter parked perfectly on a narrow strip of paving in the Victoria Embankment Gardens.  I ascertained from some spectators that something had happened and after finding out which direction the paramedics had run off to, I turned around and went the opposite direction.  (I’m the type of person that will faint at the sight of an accident, I am sure, and I have a long-existing blood phobia).

I looked with envy at the people basking in the sun and glanced to my right and saw the Wasabi sushi store and quickly made up my mind.

There is always time to smell the flowers and notice beautiful structures.  Will I ever tire of spotting the London Eye?  I doubt it – I amused/annoyed a couple of my fellow passengers on the plane when I let out a little squeal when I spotted the London Eye from above.

I haven’t eaten sushi since I got to the UK because whenever I see it in shops, it always has salmon in and I am allergic to salmon.  So I was thrilled to go into this store and order an assortment of tuna, chicken teriyaki and crabstick portions.

I went back to the deck chairs and found a nice spot in the sun.

Don’t be misled by the seemingly small portion – I had one hand roll but two portions of every thing else.  I just couldn’t balance he whole lot on my lap for the photo!

Once I finished my lunch, I lay back on the chair, listened to Parov Stelar on my iPod and admired the blue sky.  Give Parov Stelar’s song Kisskiss a listen on Last.fm.

13 comments on "Where I work: Sunning by our head office"
  1. Now that's what living is all about. I miss sushi!!

  2. London Sushi, an annoying squeal catching sight of the London eye and sitting in a deck chair on soem pavement in the sun. Not neccessarily in that order is quite a strange combination of events.

  3. That sounds like the perfect lunch outing to me, friend. Wish I had been there! Well done :-)

  4. Mom said what a wonderfur luncheon, and hello!

  5. Did you say summer?! Where? :D

    Aawww. Now I am craving Japanese! Maybe tomorrow.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

    A Pinay In EnglandYour Love CoachI, Woman

  6. @ Xoán-Wahn: Ha! It really was glorious! Surely yu must get more days like that in Spain??

    @ Martin: Aah, you cynic! But surely after following my blog all this time you knew I was a nutcase!?

    @ JaPRA: It was lovely! I know things are going to be hectic in the coming months, but if you are free at all for lunch or an outing, I am nearly always free during lunch time so just call.

    @ Skitto and Peanut: You guys are just gorgeous! Your Mum must be proud!

    @ Joy: Hiya! Thanks for stopping by! I think summer is definitely here in London and I have high hpes for this being a decent summer!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful lunch break to me. Even though I do not eat sushi, I'm sure I would find something else near by :o)

  8. Lovely, lovely.

    Poor you, allergic to salmon. My Amazing Girl Child loves salmon roll sushi.

    What is this "sun" you speak of, Emm? I have a dim memory of that, but...

  9. Viel nice photo and Blog.
    Greeting from Czech republic

  10. I can't wait to see that 4th floor office :)

  11. @ Ivanhoe: Oh yes! There are loads of lovely places nearby!

    @ Forrest: Has Spring not arrived there by you yet? The horror! Yes, over the years I have been developing a salmon allergy. I also developed intolerances to gluten and wheat and I've developed ecsema. This has all happened since I got married so I think the truth is that I am actually allergic to Stephen!

    @ zbyněk: Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

    @ Vanessa: Hopefully my photos will do it justice then!! I just find it totally charming!

  12. I want to visit London SOOO BAD! Can't wait until I save up enough money to finally go

  13. @ Us... heh, that's funny, because I want to visit the US so badly and do a road trip across the country! It is all good though because I am finally visiting for the first time in June - I am hoping to go to NYC, DC and Boston.


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