What Falling Snow Looks Like

A lot of my South African friends and family have never seen snow falling before (in fact, many have never seen snow) so I thought I’d take a short video.  Snow usually floats down softly and quietly so this was quite a downpour!!  What I love most about snow (apart from not actually having to be in it) it how silent it always is when it falls.

This was taken at 3.34pm, to give you an idea of how early it gets dark.  It is post-Winter solstice now and in fact, it is staying light just a little longer.

I tried so hard to take photos of the snow flakes as some of them were up to an inch in diameter!

7 comments on "What Falling Snow Looks Like"
  1. The snow flakes just like rain!! Yes! Quiet downpour. Amazing! I have ever seen the snow falling before but not so hard. I know U.K. now struggles with Arctic blest via CNN news. Is your heating still broken? Are you still rest at home becouse of snow? Take care yourself! Keep warm!!

  2. I love watching snow fall! It just snowed here all day yesterday. We ended up only getting like an inch, because the flakes were pretty small, but it was really pretty :)

  3. I had taken a similar video while it snowed in London when I was there :-) reminds me of that.
    of course it hadnt grown that dark by then tho!

  4. Emm, I loved this video! Oh how I love watching the soft snow fall !Thank you for transpoting me there!
    Hope your having a relaxing week-end!
    Stay warm!!
    hugs hugs

  5. mmm... how cold was it that you didn't dare open the window? :D

  6. It's snowing outside my place as I'm typing out this comment... surprise, surprise as BBC indicated that there'll be no snow. Looks like I'm going to put on my heavy snow boots again.

    Well, my folks back home don't get to see any snow either. Perhaps I should post a similar clip. :)

    C K

  7. @ Ellen: yes! The heating was only fixed about a week ago!

    @ Meg: I just love watching it wander down from the sky!

    @ Ash: Oooh, do you still have the video??

    @ Betty: It is a pleasure!

    @ Yariv: Oh, no. That was taken though the open window. I just don't have a very good video function on my camera so it looks very grainy. Switch up the sound - you can hear... nothing! It was so silent.

    @ C K: The BBC? Aren't they the place that you ignore if you know what's good for you? Heh.


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