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Updated January 2020

Many people think that London is expensive but there are so many free things to do in this city and special deals to be found that I thought I’d show you how it is possible to do London on any budget. 

My number one tip: never pay full price for anything.

Tower Bridge, London

Getting to London

The first site I ever visit when booking long haul flights is  Their layout is super easy to use and they will bring up an easy grid for you comparing the price of direct and non-direct flights over several airlines.  We used them to book both trips back to South Africa last year.

Tip: once you find a flight on Expedia, we sure to check on the airline’s website as booking direct from an airline can often be cheaper.

By the way, there are four major airports in London and they roughly correspond to the four compass points: Stansted (North), London City(East), Heathrow (West) and Gatwick (South).  You would not believe how centrally located London City is and how easy an airport it is to travel through.  The best thing is to book an airport closest to your hotel if you can.

For all of our package holidays from the UK, we use and have not been able to beat their deals.

Finding a Place to Stay in London has fantastic deals on saving money in the UK. I’ll tell you a bit more about a little later on as they are quite famous in our office and we simply don’t go out shopping or to a restaurant without first checking on their site.

Couch Surfing, and Hostel Bookers are great sites to visit for those of you on an absolute budget.  Prices range from free to the ridiculously inexpensive but obviously staying in a hotel will always be better.

London Underground

Getting Around London

If you are in London for more than one day, I would absolutely recommend getting an Oyster card or Contactless card to travel around as many buses are cashless. 

Tip: the best thing to do with Oyster / Contactless is to travel with pay-as-you-go.  If you hit the daily Travelcard limit, it will stop charging you but it is better than splashing out on a Travelcard that you land up not using.

Tip: if you are visiting from overseas, make sure you won’t be charged additional currency conversion fees to use your Contactless credit card – this can be avoided by buying pounds sterling in your home country.

If you are visiting friends or family in London and they have an annual Gold Travelcard make sure you make use of the offer of a 34% discount on train travel and Travelcards in the Network area. Gold Travelcard holders can travel with up to three other adults who will get the discount too. 

Eating Out in London

Like I said earlier, we have a firm tradition in our office that we never go out the latest restaurant vouchers at  The specials include 2 for 1 mains at Prezzo and 3 Course Set Menu from £12.95 at Pizza Express.

The Evening Standard ran an article on the 100 cheap eats London: Best meals and dinners for under £10 and TimeOut did the same with The 100 best cheap eats in London.

Wetherspoons can be found all over the city and they offer a fabulous and ridiculously inexpensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. 

Tower of London

Discounted Theatre in London

I have four tips for obtaining discounted theatre tickets in London.  You can visit London Theatre Tickets to get the best possible deals on theatre tickets or check out the offers at The Evening Standard’s Theatre Club.  You can also do my favourite trick and Google “2 for 1 tickets to…” or you can catch the tube to Leicester Square and visit the last minute ticket booths there.

Touring Around London

If travelling around all day on a London Bus all day without a tour guide is not your idea of fun, you can book a tour on the Original London Bus Tour which is the famous open topped bus.

You can also take a Thames Clipper which is a small boat that goes up and down the Thames.  I blogged about our glorious ride on a Thames Clipper last year.

    London Eye  
Visiting Attractions in London

You actually wouldn’t believe how many free places there are to visit in London.  The British Museum, Science Museum, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Museum of London, Imperial War Museum London, Design Museum, Natural History Museum, The National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery are all free to get into!!  Is it any wonder I am determined to maintain my status as an eternal tourist in this magical city?

When I went to New York, I bought the CityPass there and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was in terms of saving money and skipping queues. Well, here we have The London Pass which gives you entry to London’s top attractions at a great discount plus allows you to skip queues plus you get a free guidebook too!  Attractions include Tower of London, London Zoo, London Bridge Experience and Tombs, The Britain at War Experience and Windsor Castle. 

Tip: Make sure you’re not using your London Pass to visit free attractions!!  They list a lot of the free museums above on their site but they really do offer you fabulous value for money on the paid attractions.

Their website also offers dining and shopping offers, free cinema entry and an itinerary planning service.

My absolute favourite site for 2 for 1 specials is the National Rail Days Out Guide.  Here you can get 2-for-1 entry to Madame Tussauds, The Harry Potter London Bus Tour (oh, wow) and The Tower of London as well as a host of other specials on hotels, theatre, events and attractions.  The catch?  You have to both travel by rail and you can’t use an Oyster card.  (Oyster used to have separate specials but I can’t find them for love or money now). 

Top tip: plan your deal well to take the most advantage of discounted rail fares, special offers, free attractions and bulk buying such as the London Pass.  I can help you if you email me where you’ll be staying, how many days you’ll be here and what you have to see and do while you’re here.  Having said that, it is much more fun planning your own travel itinerary!

19 comments on "Visit London This Summer"
  1. very good observations for tourists - we take all this for granted as Londoners and then wonder why people call it an expensive city!!

    Another good one is the meal and a theatre ticket for £20 (look for odd off peak days/times and you'll see some great shows and be well fed!!)

  2. I was in London yesterday and probably spent more than necessary on the tube ticket. £6.30 and I only used the tube to get in and out.

    I think I must have walked about 15 miles and my camera battery completely run out. I managed to find somewhere to eat in Chinatown for about £6.

    I would've loved to go on the Harry Potter Tour. I wish I'd known sooner.

  3. I wish I could go to London this summer. It won't happen now, but I'll hopefully get back soon.

  4. I wish I had a trip to London in the works! Great tips - can't wait until I can return. Maybe next year.... I'm still terrified of a transatlantic flight with 2 kids. Especially the little wild one ;-)

  5. Beautiful pics and great information. I've found such nice blog friends from London and other parts of the UK---you included!---and would love to visit some day. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Googling 2-for-1 is a brilliant idea! Must remember that on our next visit.

  7. Do they have Greeters in London at all? People, volunteers, who are passionate about their area and will be a guide for a couple of hours to a small group of visitors. It's taken me a good 30 minutes to find out the name for the ones in Kent, so they aren't well publicised anywhere.

  8. I don't know where to start, but you have given me so many resources for a trip. I was going to look into a trip there within a years time, so thank you so much for posting this.

  9. Fantastic post and very useful! There's a chance I might actually be visiting London soon with a group of friends from uni!

  10. Emm, I just adore London.!! I 've been there over than 20 times.
    And keep visiting!
    Thanks , you just pulled on my memories. Great memories! Love your photos.
    Betty xx

  11. Thanks, Emm, this is great information to help us tourists.

  12. Oh this is so great Emm! I do agree that once you are in London there are so many affordable things to do. I was so spoiled by all of the fabulous and free museums there!

  13. lovely :) I'm saving this one.
    And I hope to come back to London this year..

  14. Your pictures reminded me about a short, but good trip we had to London a few years ago. I promised to be back. Great city.

  15. Emm -- from California to you in England, thanks!! I really want to do this trip, and with your fantastic tips, I'll drop you a line after I complete my trip to London. Looking forward to it, though I may decide to do a week over Christmas break instead! - Jg.

  16. I remember the lovely roses in country gardens, and the farmers' markets with all the fresh flowers and produce. Oh, to be in England now that April's almost here :)

  17. Great post Emm!! helps to know a few tips and tricks ....
    Gena @ Thinking Aloud

  18. @ Revivor: oh, that is an excellent one! I like this one: Comedy and meal for £20

    @ John: I wish I had known you were coming down - I would have timed my post accordingly!!

    @ Sixmats: I am a huge fan of London in summer so I understand you wanting to come out!

    @ Elle: Ha ha! I think you'll be surprised how good they can be on flights! My brother and I were always very good with our parents and terrible on unaccompanied flights.

    @ Holly: I just love how we get to meet such a variety of people through blogging! Hope you make it here one day.

    @ ProdigalWife: I know - it is an absolute must and if it weren't for that, I'd never go anywhere.

    @ Sheila: Oh! Do you have the details for the greeters in Kent?? I would love to go on a tour. Maybe I should put on my girl scout hat and arrange such a thing here...

  19. @ Lauren: Oh fabulous! It is good to have been helpful!

    @ Xoán-Wahn: Hope you get to use some of my tips and hints then!

    @ Betty: Wow, 20 times?? That is awesome!

    @ Rob: Goodie - when are you visitng then??

    @ JaPRA: True - it is just a matter of knowing where to find stuff.

    @ Ash: Really? Do you think it will happen this year? I hope so.

    @ BluegrassBaobab: I hope you do manage to make it back sometime!

    @ Fatscribe: Aaaah, well if you;re coming over Xmas then you have to go to Winter Wonderland - it is free!

    @ Book Dilettante: London in April is fab - especially when we have those unexpected heat waves!

    @ gena: Thank you! I might do one about Jo'burg.


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