The Shard and London Bridge Quarter

There is no doubt about it.  The Shard is going to be absolutely exquisite when it is finished in 2012.  Here are some press images that were released a couple of years ago.  You can see more plus videos and models at the site London Bridge Quarter - The Shard - London Bridge Place.

The Shard London Skyline 2012

The skyline will be greatly altered (you can click on the image for a larger resolution).

The Shard London Aerial View 2012

The Shard will emerge from behind City Hall and will look like a shard of glass going into the sky.

The Shard street level 2012

We will finally be able to walk along the street level again and on the piazzas between the buildings.

The Shard apartment interior 2012

The Shard will feature super snazzy apartments…

The Shard office interior 2012

… and state of the art offices.

The Shard 2012

When The Shard is competed in 2012, it will be the tallest skyscraper in the United Kingdom.  It will stand at 310 metres tall (1,017 feet) and will have 72 floors plus 15 radiator floors on the roof. 

The project architect is Renzo Piano and he has designed the building to look like a shard of glass.  The building will have a public viewing gallery at the top and is expected to draw two million visitors a year.  I’d just like to put it out there that I would love to be amongst the privileged group of people that gets to preview the viewing deck. 

I, for one, cannot wait to see it when it is finished.  I do, however, find it makes me think rather silly things.  For example, “Oh look! There is even place for the Four Horsemen to land” and “We have a Gherkin, an Onion and now we have a Toothpick!”  I will try my best not to come up with any more witty remarks.

The Shard Update March 2010

I was absolutely convinced that I had posted about the Shard and London Bridge Quarter before but all I can find is one tiny mention in a post from October 2008.  Oh well, here is a really big update then seeing as I haven’t told you anything about it before (and if any of you can find more in my archives, you can be my best friend!)

The Shard and London Bridge Quarter is the development that is currently taking place right outside of London Bridge station.  It is taking forever to go up but when it is completed in 2012, it will be the tallest building in the United Kingdom.  When finished, it will look like a shard of glass.  I know in 5 years time, it will seem impossible that this place was a giant construction site for four whole years so I would you to give you an idea of how it looks now.

Shard London Bridge

Taken from the platform at London Bridge rail station.

Shard London Bridge

Taken from the front entrance of London Bridge station.

Shard London Bridge

Taken from the stairs by Guys Hospital.

Shard London Bridge

A view of the lower level.

Shard London Bridge

Taken much later that afternoon from inside Guy’s hospital grounds.  This is my favourite photo.

Come back next Tuesday for an update on what the Shard will look like in the future!