Novi Sad: Sunset Over the River Dunav

It’s taken me a long time to post this final post about my visit to Novi Sad.  As unbelievably hackneyed as it will sound, I simply didn’t want the sun to set on my Serbian trip. 

The Fruska Gora over the River Dunav

These photos were taken on my last evening in Novi Sad.  I was attending a special event at the Petrovaradin Fortress, which is where the Exit Festival is held each year and was looking out over the river.  Looking to the east, I saw the Fru┼íka Gora mountain range over the Dunav river.  You might know the more popular name of the Dunav river: the Danube.

That is Liberty Bridge that you can see there in the middle of the photo. It is a cable-stayed bridge that was rebuilt between 2003-2005 following the NATO bombardment of Novi Sad in 1999.

Sunset over the River Dunav

Looking straight ahead, I could see the city of Novi Sad over the river.  (You can click on any of the photos for a higher resolution).  The prominent spire in most of the photos is the famous catholic church in Trg Slobode (Liberty Square).

A Blazing Sunset over the River Danube

My eyes were streaming with tears as I looked straight into the sun to try and take these photos.  Seeing this blazing sunset over the Dunav river will possibly remain with me to the end of my days.

To the right of the photo is the Varadin Bridge which was built in 2000, again following the NATO bombardment which specifically targeted bridge among other targets.

Novi Sad at Sunset from the Petrovaradin Fortress

I love this photo with the pink-orange sky and the sun peeking out to the right.  It absolutely captures my mood at that moment as I realised that I simply had to return to this country and this city.  I still intend to return, both to visit my friend Maja and to show it to Stephen but also as part of a bigger goal of extensively travelling across the countries that comprise what was once Yugoslavia.  My friend Nina has already begun to scheme with me to visit Croatia in August. 

Old Clock Tower Petrovaradin Fortress

This is the famous clock tower at the Petrovaradin Fortress. It was visible from the river the guide sailors and is distinctive because of its larger hour hand.

Novi Sad at Sunset over the Dunav River

Love.  That is all I have left to say about the city of Novi Sad.

18 comments on "Novi Sad: Sunset Over the River Dunav"
  1. wow - what a trip ! Beautiful photos!

  2. Lovely photos! That must have been an amazing trip.

    I like the clock :)

  3. Love. That's a great sum up. I left my heart in VN!

  4. I have to visit these parts again as soon as possible.
    Food and people in those parts are something really worth experiencing.

  5. Beautiful :)
    I love the pic where u had to look straight at the sun to take it...
    Worth the effort, dont u think?

  6. Wonderful pictures. But do not look into the sun through your lens you will damage your eyes.

  7. I love your sunset shots! I remember when I was working on a holiday job as a student, my boss saying she went to Yugoslavia every year because she wanted to go one more time before the world found out and it was spoilt. Sadly the world found out in the worst way, but it does sound as though she was right about how wonderful the country is. More than one country now, of course.

  8. such a beautiful place to visit and your sunset shots are amazingly stunning.

  9. beautiful!! I especially love the shots with the pink orange skies!! Fabulous!! Emm..thanks for taking me on all these brilliant adventures..places i have never have introduced me to so many cool and beautiful places in the world..thankyou!
    You are awesome and inspiring..

  10. OMG, thanks!
    I needed that!

    Simply stunning photographs!
    Looks like a great journey.

    B xx

  11. I envy you. I have always wanted to see Serbia. Such culture and history. Lovely shots.

  12. Emm, each picture seems to get more beautiful than the next one. There is nothing quite like a stunning sunset and the amazing colours that miraculously appear in the sky. Novi Sad sure does look like a place that needs to be explored...

  13. Must have been a wondeful trip and your photos is great! I like the pink sky over the city and the photo with the clock is great!
    Maybe I go to Croatia too in august, to climbing and bouldering, hehe:-)

  14. lovely photos, what beautiful sunset

  15. @ Brenna: It was a wonderful trip Brenna, but far too short and far too little tme spent taking photographs.

    @ Alan: I knew you would! It was indeed a great trip but I have to go back.

    @ Self Sagacity: where is VN??? There are little bits of my heart left all arond the world!

    @ Travel Photo Blogging: :) The people are incredible (I went there to meet a friend) but I samped far too little of the local food.

    @ Ash: definitely worth the effort!

    @ Mo: Oh, don't worry! It was my old camera with LCD viewfinder. I could not do that with my current camera.

    @ Sheila: I defintiely hope to visit the rest of the countries in the former Yugoslavia as I have a special interest in the area.

    @ Life Rambings: Thank you!

    @ Kiki: Aaaah, well I hope tovisit far more places in the future but am focusing on the British Isles this year.

    @ Betty: Thank you! And it is a pleasure! I neede it too!

    @ Lauren: It is well worth a visit too!

    @ William: I would absolutely recommend it.

    @ Spiderdama: Oh, I hope you go to Croatia - I would love to see your photos.

    @ Sy's Prints: Thank you!

  16. hi all of you,

    I would like to say that I was in Novi Sad and it's a amazing city. I was in Serbia three times and I really enjoyed and liked so much this country.


    thanks for the post

    my travel - picture blog:

  17. @ Murisho: Have you been to Novi Sad? I've seen your Beograd photos.


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