Beaumaris, Anglesey


Beaumaris Castle is on the Isle of Anglesey, a little island which lies just off the coast of north-east Wales.  It is a thirteenth century castle built as part of King Edward I's campaign to conquer north Wales but it was never finished.  Beaumaris Castle was the first of three castles that we visited during our short break to Wales at the end of June.

Perhaps in my last post on Time and Travel I should have mentioned what happens when you get back from holiday.  How time just seems to get sucked into a vacuum as you hit the ground running and try to catch up with your life.

I have been unbelievably busy since I returned from Wales and here are just some of the items I have squeezed into ten short days when I should have been blogging: The Wireless Festival at Hyde Park; a tasting of the new Zizzi summer menu; an Alternative London Walk with Melizza from Sifting Through…; and a Fourth of July Party at Melizza’s north London flat. 

It has been wonderful to be so busy but at the same time, I just didn’t feel like blogging at Emm in London (shhh, don’t tell my blog I said that!).  It is a pity too, because my blog turned three-years-old a week ago and I should have celebrated just a little.  I guess it is important to remember sometimes that if the purpose of your blog is to keep track of the life you are living, you are going to need to live your life sometimes!

I’m going to take it slowly and go back to posting just over once a week.  That enables me to stay sane and to keep up to date with my blog roll and comments too.