Summer in the City

A record-breaking autumn of heatwaves and warm temperatures is finally giving way to a cold and grey winter.  Fear not! It is the winter solstice on Thursday 22nd December so surely it is time to begin counting down to summer? 

There is no doubt that London looks better when the sun is shining and so I have decided to feature a couple of snapshots taken in the City during the summer for this week’s edition of Blue Skies and Sunshine.

London Metropolitan University – Moorgate

Detail London Metropolitan University Moorgate

This is a close-up of the beautiful neo-classical building which houses London Metropolitan University at Moorgate.  It was built by Belcher & Joass between 1900 and 1903 and was formerly the headquarters of Cable & Wireless. I love the globe and dome details.

Christ Church Greyfriars

Christ Church Greyfriars (as seen from the south)Christ Church Greyfriars ruins and gardenChrist Church Greyfriars public garden

All that remains of Christ Church Greyfriars is the shell after it was bombed during the Blitz in London.  When you consider how close this site is to St Paul’s Cathedral, and that much of the surrounding area was levelled, it is amazing that St Paul’s was not destroyed too.  The bombed out Christ Church Greyfriars remains as a public garden today and a peaceful reminder of the horrors that London experienced during the extended bombing campaign.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral (approaching from the west)

This 17th century Sir Christopher Wren building was in fact a key target of the Blitz and was in fact hit by bombs during the campaign between October 1940 and April 1941.  On 12 September 1940, a time delayed bomb hit the cathedral and was successfully defused and removed by the bomb disposal unit.  Had the bomb detonated, it would have destroyed the cathedral.

St Paul's Cathedral from the south east

Could this just be the luckiest building in the whole of London?

St Paul's Cathedral

These are some of my favourite buildings in the City of London.  In 2012, I plan a self-guided Haunted London walk as well as an exploration of the old Roman sites of Londinium.  I will be sure to let everyone know when I embark on those (free!) tours, just in case you’d like to join in.

16 comments on "Summer in the City"
  1. Would love to come! Please let me know!

  2. I love St Paul's.
    Been there twice. ;)

    You got a great view of the city from their dome.
    Definitely worth a visit.

  3. Such gorgeous buildings!!!! Great pictures.

  4. How nice we can enjoy the sight of these buildings in spite of the bombs. I'm most curious about the ancient Roman sites in London, it sounds like a fantastic tour.

  5. London can be nice in both sunshine and rain, but I must admit that I prefer the sunshine variant, too :-)

  6. When I think of St. Pauls in the war I always remember that amazing photo of everything in smoking ruins around it and the dome of the cathedral still intact. It must have been so inspiring to see that picture in the paper.

    I have never registered Christ Church Greyfriars. Must keep an eye open for it next time I am in the area!

  7. I would love to join in, but I'm afraid that the ocean is keeping me from being there. Oh and the fact that my wallet is empty.

  8. I love St. Paul's...its magnificient :-) Been there once!

  9. I am pretty sure that London looks also great before Christmas with all these ornaments and lights:)

  10. London looks beautiful bathed in sun :) We got quite lucky in Prague during WWII bombings. Not much was destroyed.
    Have a great week, Emm!

  11. I been to london so many times yet i have not seen this building .. shud make a not to go there


  12. I love this area. :) And i m lucky enuff to have my workplace here.

  13. The luckiest building, indeed! And very beautiful

    I think it's incredibly sad and very fascinating to see the effects of the bombing. It's a scar becomes part of the city and it's history, it's story.

  14. Great pictures of some amazing architecture. You really did a great job capturing the details of the building in the perfect lighting. Well done.

  15. Three beautiful buildings for sure...

    London does indeed look great when the sun is shining, however I think it looks just as amazing on a coldish dark Winters night when the buildings are all lit up. Not that it really gets all that cold in London...the Winters in this city are unbelievable mild for me.

  16. London does look gorgeous in summer. the buildings look amazing and the last shot is wonderfully composed.


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