The Church of St Peter Mancroft, Norwich

The Church of St Peter Mancroft Norwich

When you visit the East Anglian town of Norwich in Norfolk, the first thing you notice is the beautiful 15th century church in the centre of town.  The Church of St Peter Mancroft lies on a slightly elevated position next to the market and opposite the Norwich City Hall.

The church was built between 1430 and 1455 but it has a Norman foundation and a church was first built here in 1075 by Ralph de Guader, Earl of Norfolk.

The Church of St Peter Mancroft in Norwich

We spent a whole day in Norwich during our recent trip to East Anglia, so think of these photos as “before” photos.  We took some stunning photos when night fell later on in the day.

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  1. I LOVE Norwich. You noted that the Church of St Peter Mancroft is located next to the market and opposite the Norwich City Hall. The three most important parts of human exitence in close proximity - religion, commerce and governance.

  2. Brings back memories as I used to live in Norwich. In fact I once wrote a piece about the bell ringers here.

  3. East Anglia is on my list of things to see when I get a chance to return to Britain for a visit :)

  4. beautiful shots !
    do not know Norwich but would like to visit one day

  5. stunning! I am always amazed by the beauty you share!Brilliant photos! That is such a magnificent place!
    Thanks Emm!

    PS; and thankyou for your kind visits, and yes the photos are taken by me!

  6. Wonderful looking old church. I hope you post some of the evening shots too.

    Thanks for your comments on my Light Impressions blog. I highly recommend a trip to a tropical island in the winter months, it was fabulous.

  7. That's a lovely church! The clouds are very interesting.

  8. Your shots are great. Thanks for sharing

  9. wow, I just love the drama in those clouds. what a beautiful day!

  10. Great shots. Love the sky, especially!

    Now that I don't live in Europe anymore, I find myself really missing the history.

  11. I really admire old structure...particularly churches like this.

  12. such a gorgeous church. lovely composition.

  13. Sometimes you wonder how they were able to build such elaborate structures back in those days where they are still standing today. Lovely architecture!

  14. @ Hels: I love Norwich too! I did not realise I would like it as much as I did and I would certainly like to go back in summer.

    @ David: It is just a lovely town, that is for sure.

    @ Giselle: Well, I was absolutely taken with the area and we only got to see a fraction of it as many places were closed for Christmas.

    @ Ola: I agree!

    @ This Is Belgium: I'd absolutely recommend it. It is only a short train ride from London.

    @ Victoria: It is always a pleasure!

    @ Clueless in Boston: I will definitely post the night shots!

    @ Alan: It was a lovely mild day when we visited so the clouds were mostly ornamental!

    @ Japolina: Thank you!

    @ Aviary Images: We had such good weather that day and much of that week (except for the day in Bury St Edmunds) was mild or clear.

    @ Brooke: Thank you! Yes, I think if I moved back to South Africa, I would miss it too.

    @ Reyah: I know what you mean! Me too.

    @ Life Ramblings: Thank you! The church is in a great location to snap.

    @ AVCr8teur: I know! Some of that stone work is massive too, it is hard to fathom how they lifted it!


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