Featured Photo: Hall Place in Bloom

Hall Place

We visited Hall Place in Bexley in December and while we were really impressed by the house and grounds, I just knew that we had to come back in the summertime.  Of course, knowing that I felt that way makes it even more irritating that I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to leave my camera at home on Friday.  The photo above was taken with my iPhone 4S.

I guess that means that I have to go back there again because the gardens were absolutely exquisite and a far cry from the dormant and seemingly barren gardens that we saw during the winter.

Have you ever truly regretted leaving your camera at home?

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  1. I find the i phone does a pretty good job!!
    In fact, sometimes I intentionally use my phone as I did with one of the beach pictures to give it that mysterious look

  2. Yes, I left my camera at home the other day, most annoying since although it's okay as phone cameras go, its colours tend towards magenta which I hate.
    I wonder what era that house is. Part looks old and part looks 20th century. I have certainly never heard of it.

    Hope you can get back and take some more photos - would like to see.

  3. such impressive garden. i really can't imagine leaving the house without my camera but glad you've an iphone to capture this beauty.

  4. Oh yeah! All the time. Hahaha!
    The gardens are exquisit, Em. You simply must go back for more :)

  5. The iPhone photo is quite good. You know it's true what they say, the best camera is the one you have with you.

  6. Reminds me of some of the homes I saw in Hampstead Heath...

  7. Yes, many times. In fact it was blogging that really encouraged my photography, and I always take my camera with me whenever I go anywhere (unless of course I forget) just in case some mind blowing incident occurs right in front of me that warrants a blog post.

  8. I almost always have my camera in my handbag but forgot to pack it for our honeymoon. Luckily our first stop was only 2 hours from home and my husband said we can go get it the next day.

  9. yes, I missed some good shots in my life...:)
    nevertheless this one is of a good quality!

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  10. Just went on a trip to San Diego, and didn't bother to bring my camera, because it's not that good. I regret it now, because I missed a lot of cool shots, especially in the Grand Canyon.

  11. Hi Emm, Hall Place is one of my favourite places to visit in Kent. Only downfall is the prices in the cafe but at least you don't have to pay to get in.


  12. What a beautiful house!

    Yep, when you have the camera it's in the way and interferes with enjoyment of the "moment" and if you don't have it you would have been able to get a prize-winning shot!

  13. I still think your iphone took a beautiful picture. Yes, I have regretted leaving my camera at home, but I think I have regretted missing good photo-ops more even with my camera.

  14. It is heavy and clumsy,but I really miss them when there are photographic possibilities.

  15. @ This is Belgium: I'm definitely liking apps like Snapseed and you can get some great results with them!

    @ Jenny Woolf: It's part Tudor and part 17th century. I blogged about it in December: Tudor and Red Brick Splendour in Hall Place and Gardens, Kent. It is a fab place to visit!

    @ Life Ramblings: I know, there was no excuse really but we'd been there in December so I did not realise it would look so different!

    @ Ivanhoe: it is around the corner from my house so I will certainly visit!

    @ Clueless n Boston: you know, I'm going to carry that quote with me wherever I go now! You're so right.

    @ Ashwathy: really??? My uncle stayed in Hampstead but his houses weren't so impressive.

    @ Technogran: isn't it incredible how you begin to see the world in terms of blog posts? I know I do.

    @ Lu-Gerda: oh. my. hat. That would kill me. If we couldn't go home to get it, I'd be buying a new camera at the airport!

    @ Ola: thank you!!

    @ Stephanie: wow. I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and I'm not sure I'd be able to cope if I didn't take my camera!

    @ Glen: well, you actually do have to pay to get into the house now, which was not the case in December.

    @ Kathy: I've twice consciously left it home when going to concerts recently. It definitely gets in the way, especially as I walk so much, but I do sometimes wish I hadn't left it behind.

    @ AVCr8teur: thank you! I agree about missed photo ops. My old, beloved Fujifilm point-and-shoot used to take so long to actually capture a shot that I was always missing out on something spontaneous!

    @ Rainfield61: agreed!


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