Featured Photo: Union Flags in Long Acre

Union Flags in Long Acre Covent Garden

I’m a great fan of flags and I’ve just loved seeing all of the Union Flags around the United Kingdom in the past 18 months or so.  It used to be that the British seemed embarrassed of their flag but the Royal Wedding, Diamond Jubilee and Olympics have seemed to change that.  I hope the flags are here to stay because it is such a beautiful flag.  Not as pretty as the South African flag, naturally, but still one of the best. 

Which is your favourite flag and which do you like that are not your national flag?  I’m quite fond of the American flag too.

This photo was taken in Long Acre near Covent Garden on Saturday.  Always look up.

4 comments on "Featured Photo: Union Flags in Long Acre"
  1. I have to agree, I really do love the union jack. It is a very smart looking flag. Also (yes I am biased) I do love the Canadian flag. It is simple and the feelings of home it evokes make me love it.

  2. I like our flag, I don't have any which I can say that I dislike

    życie & podróże

  3. i love your flag! when i see it being incorporated into clothing, it reminds me of the mod '60's, like a pair of white go-go boots! but anytime i see the american flag being worn, it looks cheesy to me. i'm not sure why. and even though it's just a state flag, i kind of like that of arizona's.

  4. It's great to flag. We do not have so much flagging here but some use a small pennant. The Norwegian is of beautiful with the cross and colors. The Israeli flag is my favorite and great for several reasons and in Israel they have flags everywhere:-)


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