Stick Figures, Aliens and Wild Creatures in East London

The big news in London is that master street artist Roa is back and he is working on a brand new mural in the Bethnal Green area. Roa is one of my favourite street artists of all time, along with Stik and Invader and I can’t wait to see his latest piece of work. 

We have some incredible street art in London, especially in the East End. This is a collection of ten photos taken during a recent walking tour with Jonnie from Bowl of Chalk.

Street Art LondonStik Pulley:  Leonard Street/Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch

I love Stik. I love how he manages to achieve such emotion and significance in line drawings and stick figures. I was thrilled to spot this new one running a rope through a pulley in Great Eastern Street.

Street Art LondonInvader: Drysdale Street, N1

Invader began his first invasion in Paris in 1998 and since then has conquered cities across the globe. I get unusually gleeful each and every time I spot one of his works.

London Street ArtSweet Toof: Ravencroft Street, E2

I don't think I've encountered Sweet Toof before but judging from this piece of work, I'd definitely like to see more. It is a pity that van was parked there because this creepy clown-like figure has the most exquisite set of teeth!

London Street Art InvaderInvader: Union Walk, E2

Another fine example of pixelated mayhem by Invader, this time in Union Street, E2.

London Street Art RoaRoa's Hedgehog: Chance Street, Shoreditch, E2

This is the second time I have spotted Roa's magnificent hedgehog in Chance Street, Shoreditch. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I thought it was a rat the first time I saw it!

London Street Art StikStik Mother and Baby: Hoxton Salon, N1

Another Stik, this time on Hoxton Square. I love this slightly nervous looking mother and baby.

Pablo DelgadoPablo Delgado, E2

Pablo Delgado is famous for his tiny little figures pasted onto bricks at street level.  It is really easy to miss them if you don’t know they are there and it is always a privilege to spot them.

Roa's HareRoa's Rabbit: Hackney Road, E2

I was quite convinced that this leggy bunny on Hackney Road is a hare but the general consensus seems to be that this is Roa's Rabbit. I love the detail that Roa puts into his creatures.

Stik ToleranceStik Niqab and Companion: Princelet Street, Spitalfields, E1

I love this famous Stik piece featuring a woman in a niqab holding the hand of her companion. This piece is located in Princelet Street, just off Brick Lane.

Roa's RatRoa's Beaver: Hackney Road, E2

Again, when I saw this stunning piece of art in a car park on Hackney Road, I was convinced that this must be Roa's Rat but apparently it is a beaver. I guess I can see that from the position of its ears and the shape of its snout.  Whatever it is, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Have you spotted any great street art lately? Who is your favourite street artist?

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