Bringing Some Cheerz to Our New Home

Doesn’t time fly? Tomorrow will mark eight weeks since we moved into our new house and it is already four weeks since I started at the new company. Life is good but it feels that I can do nothing to slow down time. Buying our own home has been as exciting as we expected but not without its challenges.

We bought off-plan and are still working through a significant snagging list. I’ve been chatting to our new neighbours and they are all as happy as can be! It seems it was only us that had to replace half their kitchen because the builders drilled through the electrical supply when installing the cupboards. Nobody else had to replace half the kitchen ceiling because the shower flooded from the first floor and nobody else is still dressed and presentable by 7am each morning to let a stream of builders into their home.

As you can imagine, I needed an extra dose of cheer in my life and was thrilled when the lovely people from Cheerz contacted me to ask if I would like to try out their service. It was serendipitous – I’d already seen a post about Cheerz on a fellow blogger’s site and was very pleased to be contacted.

After expressing my excitement and enthusiasm, we agreed that I would try out a Big Square and a Little Square.

Registration and User Experience

Registering on Cheerz is easy and can be done using Facebook or your email address. Once on the site, you choose your product and then upload a series of photos to the interface. At this point you click on the photos you’d like to add and then move to a preview screen. From here, you can move the photos around and you can also edit how they are cropped. You can even add a couple of filters.

Cheerz is designed with Instagram in mind but I used my original photography as taken with my Canon 1000D. I find that iPhone photography can be great on digital but often suffers in print.

The Cheerz Big Square

The Big Square

For the Big Square, I chose a series of photos from our trip to Italy in 2013. I really liked how well the photos came out and how striking the colours are. The dark frame looks great and the size allows just enough detail to be eye catching.

We decided to hang the Big Square in our main bedroom and it looks lovely.

The Big Square retails at £40 plus postage, is 40cm x 40cm and can take between 4 and 16 photos. I was pleased with our choice of 9 photos.

The Cheerz Little Square

The Little Square

For the Little Square, I chose four photos from our trip to France last year. As you can see from the photo above, the photos I chose should have definitely been bolder and more colourful. If you choose a Little Square, do keep that in mind. I chose to hang the Little Square outside my study so that I can see it and think of France every time I trudge in for more studying.

If I could make one recommendation, it would be to offer the Little Square in the same dark frame as the Big Square so that they match and because I think it looks nicer.

The Little Square is £20 plus postage, is 20cm x 20cm and takes 1 or 4 photos.

The Customer Service

The customer service at Cheerz was superb. One of my orders was held up by the courier and when I emailed to trace the order, they immediately sent a replacement order. I didn’t want to make a fuss but was assured that this is the standard service that they provide to all customers.


Would I use Cheerz again? Yes. I love how the Big Square turned out and love the idea of hanging my own photos on my walls.

Cheerz Discount Code

I hope I’ve convinced you to give Cheerz a try. If so, you can click here or use the code MANM9Y when checking out for a £4 discount off your first order. In full disclosure, I will tell you that by using this code, I will also be rewarded with credits towards my next order.

Masks from Venice

That’s all for now. I leave you with one final photo of masks that we bought in Venice and a lamentation that I wish my home-photography skills were a little bit better! I definitely think I need a tripod and a lot of practice because the photos I have taken have been pretty dire.

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