Street Art Snapshots From An Unseen Tour of Shoreditch

I love street art and the east end of London has some of the best street art in the world. There are many excellent tours, some of which I've written about here under the street art tag, but I'd always wanted to go on an Unseen Tour. The Unseen Tour model is impressive; the guides are formerly homeless individuals who take people on tours of their home neighbourhoods. Unseen Tours are a not-for-profit social enterprise and sixty percent of the ticket price goes to the guide.

We joined Henri on the Unseen Tour of Shoreditch and these are my favourite sights.

The photo above features a fake blue plaque to Ed Seymour, the inventor of the aerosol spray paint can. All hail Ed!

Shoreditch is experiencing heavy gentrification with the area becoming much too expensive for average Londoners to live in. It would absolutely suit developers if all the poor people left quietly.

This stencil really resonated with me (I think it's a stencil). Depression is a huge part of my life but something I'm learning to work alongside and accommodate. Sometimes we simply need to be kind to ourselves and allow ourselves to have off days.

Interesting appropriation of one of the most evil dictators in history.

I loved this piece. I wish I could have gotten up to a higher vantage point to take a better photo of it.

This was a very funky piece and it took up over six metres of a wall.

Cereal killer, a scathing indictment of a place that charges £6 for a bowl of cereal. What utterly needless gimmick marketing.

I have no idea what this was all about but it was very trippy and reminded me of old London texts and legends.

Do not trust robots. Say no more.

I love Phlegm's work and was delighted to discover this piece on the Foundry.

Visit the Unseen Tours website to book a tour.

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