A Sunny Monday in Rye, East Sussex

Mermaid Street | Rye, East Sussex

The best Mondays are the ones where you wake up without an alarm and make your way, at a leisurely pace, to somewhere new and exciting. My in-laws had arrived from a bitterly cold Johannesburg on Friday morning and on Monday I took them to one of my favourite towns in East Sussex: Rye.

Mermaid Street | Rye, East Sussex

Mermaid Street is the most famous street in Rye and easily the most recognisable.

Mermaid Street | Rye, East Sussex

It is lined on both sides by medieval, half-timbered houses and is a photographer's dream.

The Mint | Rye, East Sussex

We decided not to walk up Mermaid Street on this warm, sunny occasion and chose instead to wind our way up The Mint in search of The Cobbles Tea Room.. The Mint also has its share of pretty houses.

The Cobbles Tea Room | Rye, East Sussex

I'd been wanting to visit The Cobbles Tea Room since my very first visit to Rye when I spotted the quaint entrance down a little side street.

Ploughman's Lunch | The Cobbles Tea Room | Rye, East Sussex

I'm happy to say that we were not disappointed. The portions were generous, the food delicious and the range of teas and coffees delighted everyone in our party.

Inside The Cobbles Tea Room | Rye, East Sussex

Even the decor was delightful! I will definitely return again one day.

Lion Street | Rye, East Sussex

After lunch, we continued up The Mint as it becomes High Street and then turned into Lion Street towards the Church of Saint Mary, Rye.

Church Square | Rye, East Sussex

We wandered around Church Square and admired all the pretty houses with gloriously blooming gardens. Days like these renew my desire to live in a tiny village one day.

West Street | Rye, East Sussex

We turned into West Street and soon found our way to the top of Mermaid Street. It's much easier walking down the hill than up but my in-laws assured me that those cobbles can be quite unkind on your feet!

Mermaid Street | Rye, East Sussex

There are so many interesting and quirky houses and doorways down Mermaid Street. I wonder what it must be like to live on such a famous street?

My favourite house is the one with two front doors. That would suit Stephen and I!

Mermaid Street | Rye, East Sussex

Rye is just an hour's drive from Dartford and a little over an hour by train from London St Pancras. It is such a fun day out, no matter the season.

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