A Sunday Morning in Corfe Castle

Signposts at Corfe Castle | Dorset

I'm full of British wanderlust today. I just want to find a little village and explore, take photos and eat cake to my heart's content. It'll be a little while before I can do that, so I'm reminiscing about one of my recent trips instead.

The day after the Bournemouth Air Festival, we decided to take a drive along the coast towards Tyneham (I think you're going to love my next post!)

The Ruin at Corfe Castle | Dorset

Our first stop was the Dorset village of Corfe Castle where the ruin of Corfe Castle is located. I've wanted to visit this tiny village for years, since our trips to Cornwall and Lyme Regis, and I'm so glad we finally did so.

Roses and the Ruin at Corfe Castle | Dorset

We parked off the A351 (exact details at the bottom of the post) and walked up the path past the ruin. We decided not to go inside on this occasion because Corfe Castle was not our final destination that morning but I'd love to visit again one day. We were blessed with wonderful weather for early September, it really did feel like summer was endless this year.

Stone Cottages on West Street, Corfe Castle | Dorset

The village is so picturesque, with stone cottages and quaint shops.

Village Bakery, Corfe Castle | Dorset

We hadn't had breakfast yet that morning so we stopped off at the Village Bakery for coffee and Chelsea buns. We don't often find Chelsea buns that we like - they are huge in Johannesburg with just the right mix of cinnamon and icing - but these were yummy!

St Edward King & Martyr, Corfe Castle | Dorset

After our much-needed snack, it was time to carry on exploring. We left the square and walked past the St Edward King & Martyr Church...

Corfe Castle from the Bankes Arms | Dorset

... taking the opportunity to appreciate the views of the castle from the beer garden of the Bankes Arms ...

Corfe Castle Rail Station | Dorset

... before arriving at Corfe Castle Rail Station.

The Platform at Corfe Castle Rail Station | Dorset

The rail station is a delightful step back in time, splendidly preserved with a nod back to the golden age of rail travel. The station opened in 1885 but was closed and very nearly demolished in the 1970s. It is a privilege to see it so lovingly restored today.

The Platform at Corfe Castle Rail Station | Dorset

"From our picturesque station ideally located for the village you can catch the Swanage Railway trains to Harmans Cross and Swanage, as well as trains heading north to the Park & Ride facility and mining museum at Norden" - Swanage Railway website

Suitcases at Corfe Castle Rail Station | Dorset

The Swanage Railway Museum is located in the old Goods Yard at Corfe station and is open every day that trains are running through the station. You can check the monthly timetable here.

The ticket office at Corfe Castle Rail Station | Dorset

The station ticket office was absolutely charming and full of nostalgia, from the fireplace to the posters to the wooden bench. The ladies waiting area is located just off the ticket office.

The View of Corfe Castle from the Rail Bridge at the Rail Station | Dorset

We took the foot bridge over the tracks to the other platform. The view of Corfe Castle from the bridge is just incredible.

The Boilerhouse Gallery at Corfe Castle Rail Station | Dorset

Located behind the platform to Swanage is the Boilerhouse Gallery, celebrating the work of local Purbeck artists.

Visions of Yesteryear at Corfe Castle Rail Station | Dorset

All too soon, it was time to go and we took a long walk back to the parking area which really was conveniently located (and free!) as there is no parking at the station. Located just off the A351, next to Corfe River, the Plus Code is JWRR+G7C Wareham and the coordinates are (50.6413941, -2.0592499). There is also a paid parking at the National Trust car park close by, BH20 5DR.

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  1. this is gorgeous! even the train station is splendid! like something out of the Famous Five books


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