At Work: Missing The Queen

logo We were very sad at work yesterday.  The Queen came to Borough High Street to open up the Royal British Legion and we had no idea she was right in our area!  Once we realised that the Queen was visiting, we rushed out of the building and were greeted with the sight of the police guard departing.

We went around the corner to check anyway but she was definitely gone.  How sad for us!  We did get to see a couple of dashing young chaps in uniform so it was all worth it!  I think I am going to start walking up and down Borough High Street again instead of taking my usual short cut through Kings College and Guy's Hospital.

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Apologies for the photo quality - I took them using my mobile phone again.  Maybe I'll make a Spring resolution to carry around my camera in future.

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  1. Oh, that must be annoying. I'm not very well informed on the royal family but I'm not uninformed enough to not know how important the queen is.

    Well, I'm off to bed. It's my sister's 18th and the music is so loud. They are next door where my dad's own business is. It is a big enough place for a party. I can hear it with maximum volume from my bedroom. I'll try to read Artemis Fowl tonight while the musics so loud.


  2. Ewwww, that's too bad. I've never met the Queen. I met Princess Diana and Prince Charles once at the world premier of a James Bond movie. Diana was so tall and gorgeous.

    Emm, I've at last finished doing the interview. Do head over to my site to check it out. I hope you like the way in which I introuce you and your sites. :-) Angie

  3. Hi Emm, you've been tagged! It's a very easy photo meme tag. I hope you'll join in the fun! :-) Angie

  4. @ Pizza: Yeah, it was disappointing. Mostly because that really would have been something interesting to blog about and I haven't done much that is interesting lately! Happy 18th for your sister!

    @ Angie: I can't beleive you met Charles and Di!!! That is awesome. I'm off to visit your site straight away!!

    @ Ivanhoe: I know! I was most peeved about not being able to take pictures and post them for everyone!

  5. Why don't you go and see her? Her house is quite big you can't miss it. Make sur ethe lights are on before you knock as she travels a bit!lol

    Bad luck Emm.

    I play music for the Queen and bowed before her on a couple of ocassions and have also met Princess Diana before she was married to Prince Charles. All a long time ago.

  6. @ Martin: Ha ha! Very funny! I'm pretty surprised at how many people say they have met them. I think that is absolutely amazing but unobtainable for me!

    I didn't know you played music!


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