Road Trip (North): York - Churches

The final destination on our road trip around England was York.  We were staying a couple of days at my friend Nina's house in Bolton and so we were able to spend almost a whole day in York without the worry of checking into and out of hotels and spending hours travelling between cities.

Incidentally, we were meant to go to St Albans on the way home to London when we left the next day.  Unfortunately, Mandy only managed to make it out of bed after 10am that day so that idea fell by the wayside.

I knew nothing at all about York before we went but it was the one destination that my mum-in-law had requested before they came over from South Africa.  York is an absolutely charming and pretty little town located four hours north of London.  It has a really rich history dating back to Roman and Viking times and it is a walled city.

York is full of churches.  This old gem dates back to the 14th century and is named Church of All Saints Pavement because it stands on on of the earliest paved streets in York.

I really loved this red brick building but I couldn't find any details about it online.  This is an exquisite exam of Victorian red brick architecture - look at that detail!

St Helens Church is an incredibly old church.  From their website, "the oldest datable feature in the church is the mid twelfth century font, and it is likely that the church was rebuilt in stone at that time or earlier".

This spectacular example of Victorian architecture is St Wilfrid's Catholic Church which was completed in 1864.  How beautiful is it?

Townhouses York Minster

I loved the terraced housing in the picture above.  It reminded me of all of the romantic notions I had about Victorian England and the world of Peter Pan and Mary Poppins.

That is York Minster you can see in the distance there but that deserves its own post!

8 comments on "Road Trip (North): York - Churches"
  1. Beautiful! I'm a bit of a heathen, but I love churches. And terrace housing too. That's one of the things I like about the inner city of Melbourne, where I live.

    Hope you had a great trip!

  2. Love your churches and rooftops. The architecture is so rich here in England, isn't it? During our two months in London, I walked at a snail's pace to try to take it all in.

  3. A fine city with a lovely cycle path that runs throghthe racecourse and travels about 13 miles down to Selby. Ridden it on countless occasions. the Cycling Touring Club of GB has their annual event on the racecourse. Great City, but does have it's trouble spots. You chose the right places to write about that are steeped in English history.

  4. Emm, thank you for taking me away, I sure needed this. Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful.


  5. No matter where I go when in Europe, I always visit churches. There's just something so peaceful and calming about them. And all that history...
    Your pics are wonderful :o)

  6. @ Lunaticg: Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is very cute - I lvoe foreign currency!

    @ Mike: That is very interesting! Oh, the things she must have seen!

    @ Frisky Librarian: Thanks for visiting! I love churches too in that heathen fashion! I loved the architecture in Melbourne - we were so disappointed when we got back home - the knapsack containing all of my photographs was stolen!

    @ JaPRA: Oh, definitely. South Africa has very few old buildings and I was so lucky to live in one listed building and work in another! (I lived in a children's home growing up and that used to be in a listed building. They have moved now).

    @ Martin: Hopefully I have some more photos coming - you can let me know if they were in good areas or not!

    @ Jodi: Always a pleasure! I hope you are well.

    @ Ivanhoe: Thank you! I agree - i always feel a deap-seated sense of peace when I am in churches or even very old buildings.

  7. Wonderful pictures! They remind me of the trip I took to England years ago. I'm happy that I found your blog!

  8. @ Sirona Jewelry: Thank you! I am glad you found my blog because I like your blog too! I like to make bead jewelry too but I am quite an amateur. I'm going to look on your site for ideas!


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