At Home: Carding

At lunch on Wednesday, we were talking about Blogger's Block and how difficult it is to find something to blog about sometimes.

After careful consideration, I would say that my problem was actually Carder's Block as I have just had an interesting evening trying to make a simple 'Thank You' card.

I haven't made cards in two years since I made scores of Valentine's cards in 2007. It wasn't easy to climb back on the bike, I tell you, and I'm certainly not ready to ride without hands yet!

This is one of the ones I made back in 2007. I couldn't sell it because Summer walked all over it with dirty paws!

This was tonight's card. I definitely need to start making cards more frequently again as I just couldn't seem to get my creative juices flowing!!

6 comments on "At Home: Carding"
  1. blogger's block, it always happens.. it's good for you if you have something to do instead of forcing your brains to create one post. :-)

  2. Ooooh very nice. It did the trick very as you have comments as well.

  3. Hurray! Sometimes the hardest part is starting :-) I like both of your cards, but try as I might, couldn't see Summer's contribution on the first!

  4. @ Bingskee: Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I was just admiring your blog yesterday. :o) I always find lots of things to distract me from what I should be doing!!

    @ Martin: Ha! Well, at least I didn't take a two-year break from blogging as I did with carding!

    @ JaPRA: I thought you might be pleased to see a card from me! I made that for my lecturer. I have circled the offending paw print and uploaded it for you here.

    That was Summer's sole artistic contribution before she broke her leg for the first time.

  5. Those are nice cards. I know what you mean about 'carder's block' though - sometimes all of the designs you try seem to fail and, other days, everything just falls into place too easily. I don't know why!!

  6. @ Roz: Yes! Sometimes it can be so easy. I need to keep at it more often though. Maybe I will try make some mother's day cards this weekend to sell at work.


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