At Work: Working Late

I am just SO good at keeping promises to myself.  Not.

Quite apart from keeping my promise to leave the offices during lunch on Wednesdays and go have coffee somewhere or take a walk, I landed up working until 7pm last night!  Granted, I only have to work overtime once a month and that is the day when I submit the management reports on the previous month's finances but still, it left me feeling pretty tired and not that keen on coming to work this morning.

3348152331_ca9017bd89 Anyway, I got to the station with 10 minutes to spare last night and quickly went into Caffe Ritazza on platform 1 at London Bridge for a hot chocolate.  I used my Bite card so I got a 20% discount which meant that a large hot chocolate cost only £2 (the first South African to remind me that this is the equivalent of R30 will get a black eye). 

I'm reading Franz Kafka's The Trial at the moment.  I'd read parts of the book for a course in post-modern literature back in 1993.  I felt like a bit of post-modernism but I chose this book in error.  The book I was looking for was actually Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre and I might read that next.  The original title for this book was Der Process and that actually makes more sense to me.  Not only is it quite a process trying to read this book (I'm half kidding), it also seems more of a process that the poor protagonist of the book undergoes.  I hope to finish this book tonight or tomorrow.

7 comments on "At Work: Working Late"
  1. Kafka is a heavy read. At least for me. I tried reading him many times (he's Czech :o), but was never able to finish.

  2. Yes, heavy reading indeed! Good thing you had a bit of chocolate to soften it up a little ;-)

  3. Hey Emm, great to always catch up with you. Did you know last night I stayed up till 11 because I had so much homework.

    I managed to get it all done and did a good job of it. I have been getting many assignments.


  4. Sorry to sound mean Emm but at £2 a cup I'd have a touch of Nausea coming over me. Hope you find what you're looking for... as in Jean Paul Sartre. Happy reading.

  5. nice blog, and keep it up!

  6. Emm.

    Stopping by to say hi. Thank you for following my blog. Pretty late in U.S so I am off to bed now. I will check out your blog more in the next couple of days. I am originally from Durban. Where in S.A ar eyou from ? How did you find my blog ? Can you send us a postcard. See blog for details. Chat soon hon !


  7. @ Ivanhoe: I did finish The Trial and was so proud of myself! I fell out of the habit of reading and only began again at the end of 2005 with a promise to myself that I would finish everything I picked up. It is rare that I don't finish a book these days and it is usually either that bad or I put it aside to pick up at a later stage.

    @ Martinha: You have a great blog but it is such a pity you went and spammed everyone on their blogs because it is likely that you annoyed far more people than you gained readers.

    @ JaPRA: And the hot chocolate was very good! I must order another one before it gets warmer!

    @ Pizza: 11pm is so late but congratulations on getting it all done. I hope they don't give you that much homework all the time!

    @ Martyn: I know... but I can't think of the conversion rates and the ridiculous London prices all of the time otherwise I would never enjoy movies, coffee or any of the attractions in London. I'm going back to South Africa in two weeks time and totally intend to take advantage of what will seem like ridiculously low prices to me now! I have Nausea on my bookshelf luckily but might need a slight break from the classic literature first! Reading 1984 and The Trial in one month was... interesting.

    @ deejay: You have a great blog too - thanks for stopping by!

    @ Free Spirit: Hiya! I found you on Mireille's blog. I'm from Johannesburg, coincidentally the same area Mireille is living in. I am so bad at sending out mail but i will certainly try!