Road Trip (North): York - Shambles and about town

Part 1 - Churches ¦ Part 2 - York Minster and surrounds

York is such an interesting town with amazing architecture and a rich cultural heritage. I loved that the architectural styles span every single era dating back hundreds of years.

The Minster School York Minster Conference & Banqueting Centre
The Minster School and York Minster Conference and Banqueting Centre

We passed The Snickleway Inn which is said to be the most haunted pub in England. We didn't go in which was a shame because I love ghost stories! There are apparently five spirits haunting the inn and they even have the ghost of a small girl! How exciting (this from a girl who is still scared of the dark and who is, in reality, terrified of ghosts!)

The part my mum-in-law was most looking forward to was the Shambles. This is a tiny little street that looks almost like an alley way. The buildings almost touch!!

I promise we didn't actually know the couple who were posing so nicely in the middle of that picture! What a pretty, quaint little street.

River Ouse Merchant Adventurer's Hall
The River Ouse and The Merchant Adventurer's Hall

That beautiful building is the "finest surviving medieval guild hall in Great Britain". I think it was so pretty - click on the picture to see a bigger resolution.

Would you believe this photo was only taken at 2pm?? It looks like the sun was about to set. Thank goodness summer is on the way! Clifford's Tower is part of all that remains of York Castle.

The last stop in our grand tour of York was awesome York Castle Museum. This is a mammoth museum complex and like many of the museums and places we visited on our road trip, it really does deserve a whole day dedicated to it!

Retro Victorian village
Fashion Museum Toy Museum
Fashion Museum The Sixties!
Retro, Victorian Village, Fashion Museum, Toy Museum and The Sixties

The museum had a retro section that went through appliances from the past 60 years and it also had model living rooms and kitchens dating back over 200 years. It was fabulous! There was a full Victorian village complete with sweet shops, a police station and chemist. There was the most amazing fashion museum with shoes and clothing dating back hundreds of years. The lighting was very muted in that section of the museum to protect the aging fabrics. There was a section the famous highwayman Dick Turpin and the cells he was kept in (unfortunately, I didn't get any decent photos there). Finally, there was a great Sixties section and I loved that so much as I love all things sixties.

And so our whirlwind trip of York was over and that was also the last major stop on our road trip. We saw so many incredible things but in the end it was nice to get back home. There is no place like home!

8 comments on "Road Trip (North): York - Shambles and about town"
  1. Lovely tour of the Shambles area, many a evening was I spent there with University collegues quite a few years ago. Nothing has changed by the look of it.

    I never saw any ghosts whilst in the Snickleway Inn whenever it was used, but got through quite a few spirits while I was there.

    Good Post Emm.

  2. Martin - it must have been fantastic studying in such an old town!! What did you study?

    Spirits indeed!!

  3. How lovely! And isn't that the truth about the winter sun? I think that is the hardest part for me, the short days.

    Totally loving today's beautiful sun though. It makes it hard to concentrate on things that need to be done, however.

  4. Love the picture of the ice rink, nice vibe to it! And didn't mention the 'new' lay-out, cool!!

  5. Hi there!

    Ooh, Snickleway Inn seems to be very interesting but I didn't even click the link you provided because I'm too much of a scaredy-cat! I don't even watch scary movies hahaha.

    I guess the couple in that Shambles photo would really love to pose as 'extras'. It's funny they posed LOL.

    York Castle Museum is so beautiful! Great photos! :D

  6. hi emm - the pictures are lovely! i hope you are enjoying your trip ^_^

    have a great day!

  7. @ JaPRA: Yes - it looks like we were there all day and all night but in reality, it was only about 3pm or so!

    It is so beautiful and warm here the past few days, isn't it?

    @ Mireille: Thank you! I much prefer this layout. Yes, the ice rink looks so... inviting. The whole town of York was festive - I loved it.

    @ HalfCrazy: Thanks for stopping by! It is good to "meet" you. I am a bit of a scaredy cat as well which is strange as I love things paranormal and supernatural.

    @ mye: Hi dear - how are you? It was a great trip - we're home now and preparing to go to South Africa in two weeks.

  8. As an Aussie about to set off on a road trip I'm loving this. Thanks for the tips!


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