At Work: Taking a Break

I'm finding it easier to take a regular break on a Wednesday now.  It's not so hard to get up and leave the office whereas it used to seem impossible to me.  I'm finding the break sustains me for days too.  Why do office workers let themselves get stuck into a routine of working through their lunch hours??

JaPRA and I had been chatting about marmite and piccalilli which got us onto the subject of New York delis and hot beef sandwiches.   So on Wednesday, I took a quick walk up to the food van outside London Bridge station.

So if you came out of the station concourse towards the bus station, you would see the van up ahead of you.  He was advertising a hot salt beef bagel for £2.80 which I thought was reasonable. 

I took this while waiting for my food.

It was a great big chunk of beef on a fresh bagel with huge chunks of gherkin on.  Generous portions and definitely tasty.  After all that, he didn't have piccalilli but he did have hot English mustard - yum!

There were police vans and dog units all over the place so I decided not to push my luck by taking a photo of a sandwich in the middle of the street. 

I still had a good twenty minutes of my lunch hour left so I walked down Borough High Street and decided to get a hot chocolate at Costa Coffee

I was nearing the end of Slaves of the Mastery and was trying to sneak in reading time whenever I could.  It was an excellent book which I will review over at Emm Media in time.

I've always wanted to take a picture of the Climbers by Ofra Zimbalista.  I've always liked the Costa Coffee shop on Borough High Street; so if you're looking for a nice cuppa, simply walk down BHS and look for the blue men on the right hand side - Costa is right underneath them.

All pictures in this post are taken with my Nokia N70.

7 comments on "At Work: Taking a Break"
  1. A delicious post. I'll be a frequent visitor...thanks for sharing.
    Was it American or English Beef?...they taste you probably know.

  2. those climbers are so cool!

  3. Hurrah for you, taking a break! So important. Your bagel sounds wonderful, the hot chocolate divine, and, like miss igorota, I love the climbers.

    I'm going to get out more for walks with friends instead of just meeting for coffee and talking for 2 or 3 hours.

    Looking forward to your book review!

  4. Well done, you, for taking a mid-week break! That sandwich sounds yummy. And now I'm hungry. That's what I get for reading your blog at lunchtime!

    Cool pics. How did I miss those climbers?!

  5. @ Baron: Thanks for stopping by! Is the beef different because of the way it is fed or because of the way it is reared? I know chicken tastes funny to me in UK but it is yummy from South Africa.

    @ miss igorota: Aren't they just? Apparently there are installations all over the world - it would be nice to see you at one!

    @ Forrest: Walking is amazing. I walk 42 minutes a day for my daily commute though, and hardly ever walk just for fun! The book review will only go up on 6 April! Yes, I know, I am the worst blogger ever.

    @ JaPRA: I don't think you came down far enough - they are closer to Borough Station than to London Brisge. Maybe one day we can meet outside of Borough Station... :*( But we may not meet again in London! Still, if oyu move to Amsterdam, I will make all the effort I can to visit there.

  6. Those climbers are fantastic! I must make an effort to get into London and see some of these things.

  7. @ Sheila: They are lovely! Ofra Zimbalista's work looks great actually.


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