South Africa 2009: Pringle Bay

On 4 April, we went to Pringle Bay to go to my friends Gyda and Kenneth’s wedding.  The ceremony took place on the beach and it was such a beautiful setting.

Walking down the aisle


The setting was absolutely stunning and the reception was held in a nearby holiday house overlooking the beach. 




The reception was stunning and I have to say – this was the best wedding I have ever been to, apart from my own of course.  The entertainment was a live jazz band and they were brilliant!  Everyone danced the night away and it was just fabulous; Gyda and Kenneth’s families sure know how to dance!  It makes me want to take dancing lessons.  The meal was a lamb on the spit with fresh fruit pavlova for dessert.  I adore Gyda and Kenneth and I am so happy that we took the trip down to Pringle Bay to spend their wedding day with them.

12 comments on "South Africa 2009: Pringle Bay"
  1. The setting is definately stunning Emm. I'm honestly impresed.

  2. Looks and reads as if everything was perfect Emm. A great reflection on the event and place - You are a very lucky lady.

  3. Gorgeous! Reminded me of my own beach wedding last year :o)

  4. Is that where they make Pringle's 8-).

    Seriously, what a gorgeous wedding setting. My son and daughter-in-law tied the knot on top of a mountain in Maine, and that was pretty super, but this is definitely in the same league. (Plus you didn't have to hike in all morning, I'll wager!)

  5. @ Pule: Wasn't it just gorgeous? South Africa is so breaktakingly beautiful.

    @ Martin: You know, so are so right. It is a priviledge to have seen the things I have seen. It was such a perfect day!

    @ Ivanhoe: Yes! I've always loved looking at pictures of your wedding and it was nice to actually attend a beach wedding in person! I am off to go look at your photos again...

    @ Kathy: :o) I wonder if it is! Wow - did you really have to hike on your son's wedding day?? My legs were like jelly on my wedding day -Ii couldn't even drive!

  6. everything looks so peaceful... thanks for posting this...


  7. Emm, what a great place to get married, it looks fantastic. What time of day was it? Was it very hot-not sure of the temperature in RSA in April.

  8. @ Irtiza: Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it was a peaceful and beautiful day that I will always remember.

    @ Mike: The ceremony took place at 4pm and then the photos of the reception would have been around 5pm. Cape Town is a little further west of South Africa, so it oftens seems to be light longer. It was boiling hot. The day before we arrvied in the Cape, the temps had reached 40°c!!! That is about 110°f according to my shaky mathematics!

  9. The whole wedding is gorgeous, but I have to say that my favorite element of the decor is the floral arrangements. They are amazing!!!

  10. @ Meg: Hey! Yes, I love South African flower arrangements. They are always so bold and lush.

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  12. @ Mroar: Hey! Thnaks for popping by and commenting. You have a great blog too!


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