South Africa 2009: Kalk Bay

On the morning of the wedding, Stephen and I went for a drive in the car to find somewhere to have a spot of breakfast. We landed up in the quaint little town of Kalk Bay.

Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is a bay side town with a railway line running alongside the water. It is surrounded by mountains on the other side. I think I would be very happy living in a beautiful little town like this.

Kalk Bay main street

We chose an amazing little restaurant for breakfast. To get to it, you walk under the railway station and land up right by the tidal pools. I spent a moment just looking at the sea and… well… recharged.

Kalk Bay Harbour

The name of the restaurant was the Brass Bell and apart from the food being absolutely amazing, the setting is idyllic too.


Those are surfers you can just about see in the swell there. I wasn’t fortunate to catch any of them surfing but then there weren’t too many good waves that day either. Stephen had the Kalahari Gold breakfast which was the smoked Springbok and I had a poached egg Not So Hungry breakfast.

Emm in the Atlantic

I had to take a step into the ocean but the water is absolutely freezing here! The icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean Ocean officially meet at Cape Agulhas which is further east from Kalk Bay and there is no hint of the warmer waters here!

Anthology Kalk Bay theatre

Artvark Gallery

Many of the buildings in Kalk Bay are of the old Cape Dutch style. The church above was converted into a theatre and I loved how they converted the Artvark art gallery from traditional Cape Dutch into a more modern style.

I would absolutely recommend to everyone now that they take a holiday down to Cape Town one day. There are so many beautiful places to visit but alas, we had so little time. Kalk Bay is an absolute must and it is obvious that I fell in love with the place. Later in the year, I will post the pictures from our visit to the Garden Route (aka our second honeymoon) in 2003. A highly recommended route for tourists is to drive from Cape Town to the Garden Route.

I never though this would happen but as I write these posts about South Africa, I get the first tinges of homesickness in almost two years!

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  1. Marvellous writing. Loved those pictures to death. I'm jealous of this beautiful setting...what a good way to celebrate...Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Amazing! There's so much beauty in South Africa. I really want to go one day!

  3. @ Baron: Always a pleasure! I do love sharing my world with others.

    @ Stephen: Glad you enjoyed it! Do you call yourself Stephen or Eli?

    @ Xoán-Wahn: Well, let me know when you go - I am always looking for suitcases to stow away in...

  4. I would love to have a breakfast...and lunch....and dinner at Brass Bell. I would probably never want to leave with beautiful views of the ocean like that :o)

  5. @ Ivanhoe: Oh, absolutely! If we were there on a normal holiday, we would have stayed for hours! We only left because we had such an important thing to get to!! (I'm sure my friend will like to know that we regarded her wedding as more important than staying in paradise!)

  6. Hi! Just popping in. Those are some awesome pics! I'm usually here a few times a week, but I never comment ... trying to make time! :)


  7. After seeing the wonderful photograph no body can stop himself to visit such wonderful places.

  8. Oh how lovely! I can definitely see the Dutch influence in one of those buildings. You look so happy wading in that water :-)

  9. Thank you for thatmini vacation you took me on, I really needed that today Emm. I hope all is well with you. God bless.

  10. Another great post Emm. I just love the fact that the place is seemingly deserted!

  11. What a stunning location! Great photos.

  12. I love your pictures - I really would have liked to go in that red and white striped shop!

  13. Great Photos for sure!
    Your blog is really nice also.

    I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for dumping your blog too.

    All the best

  14. Hi Emm, I am a little ashamed of myself, I am a South African, living in Port Elizabeth, and I've been to Cape Town a few times, but i cannot remember where Kalk Bay is. If I had to guess I'd say close to Fishhook, or Simons town. please help me if I am wrong. Great pics you took, and great to "talk" to another South African who also blogs. The garden route is really fantastic, and I can recomment it, although I havent been down the route for a while now.
    Anyway, dont want to keep you, was nice reading your blog, have fun traveling. (rather you than me, I am scared of flying) :-)

  15. @ Dogs Deserve Freedom: Hiya! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I visit your blog often too and I love your efforts to save rescue animals! My two cats were rescues.

    @ New Modern World: Yes - it is always seeing beautiful blogs that makes me want to travel all the time. Thanks for commenting.

    @ JaPRA: Yes, it was lovely and I do love the sea - but it was cold!

    @ Jodi: Well, hopefully I can post about the wedding one day soon - I am sure you will like that too.

    @ Martin: Haha - Kalk Bay was a bit like the London suburbs we've visited - no one seems to wake up before noon on the weekends! It is Sleep City after all! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

    @ Cowgirl: Absolutely, and the whole of the Cape is gorgeous like that. I must say, I would love to move down there.

    @ Julia: Hiya! Thanks for stopping by. I know - isn't that shop just so inviting and quaint!?

    @ Wolfbernz: Thank you! And thank you for stopping by - I am glad I joined BlogDumps.

    @ Sexy: Oh, I think it is part of False Bay but don't quote me on that. I'll be posting about our trip to the Garden Route later in the year. Welcome to my blog!

  16. It looks like a beautiful place - thanks for sharing the photos!

    Best wishes,


  17. @ Roz: It is indeed lovely. But then you have awesome beaches in Australia too!

  18. Definitely one of my favorites places, Kalk Bay .....

  19. @ Gena: It is one of my favourite places now too!

  20. Looks like an amazing trip to me!! Great pictures...

  21. Thanks Dominic! Kalk Bay was stunning, as was everywhere else we visited in the Cape.


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