New York day 2: Central Park and Upper East Side

One of my favourite photos ever

I had a nap and then left the apartment just after 3pm and walked the three blocks to Central Park. I entered in the north-western corner, climbed a small rise and was confronted by the beauty that is Central Park. How do I explain this? Within moments I could envisage myself living in New York and running through Central Park every day and that feeling hasn’t gone away since. It’s a real pity that Stephen is absolutely not interested in moving to the US.

I loved that I could just walk and walk for ages, choosing between different routes and not knowing what was around the next corner. It felt strange to be walking alone as this is something I could never, ever have done in South Africa. Still, there were loads of people running or walking their dogs.

Still in the north-western corner, I think this is called The Pool. I took some time to absorb the beauty and to look at the people relaxing around me…


… and then I had a close encounter with a racoon!! I’ve never seen one of these little creatures before and apparently was lucky to see one in the daytime.

The art deco styled Eldorado apartment block

The Upper East Side viewed over the Jackie Onassis Reservoir

I took a break at the bottom of Jackie Onassis Reservoir and wrote in my notebook:

4:40pm I walked for an hour through Central Park from 110th Street to about 86th Street. It starts off lush and forest-like and then gives way to playgrounds, grassy areas with miniature soccer team practices, tennis courts and so on. I stopped for a refreshing Lifesavers popsicle and a Dragonfruit Vitamin Water. I’d been wondering what the fuss was about Vitamin Water and now I know – it is quite pleasant.

I’m quite tired now. I’m sitting by the Pinetum which seems to be a quiet area. I’m wondering if I should visit the snooty Upper East Side on my trip. Everyone looks so… normal, nothing like they do in Gossip Girl!

Made the decision not to go to Boston which is sad. Will delay trip to Washington DC until Thursday which means I don’t have to be up by 6am tomorrow which is fab.

Booked a CityPass ticket for $79. It seems to be worth it as you can’t get entrance into all of those attractions for less.

I must stand up now. My legs are taking strain but hopefully I worked off those dim sum (New Favourite Thing). I’ll try to make it down to Times Square now maybe or perhaps the Guggenheim.

I got my first glimpse of the New York skyline…

… and I watched some amateur baseball on the Great Lawn (where only team sports are allowed, no sedentary activities).

I exited Central Park on the Upper East Side on Fifth Avenue. I saw a snooty Catholic Girls School (Marymount School) and amused myself thinking up Gossip Girl type scenarios. Can you imagine going to a grand old school like this or living in gorgeous apartments like this overlooking Central Park?

The one thing that really impressed me about New York and DC was how white and clean their buildings are! Buildings like this are generally various shades of grey in London and Johannesburg.

I thought I’d take a picture of some good old New York taxi cabs, seeing as I had no intention of actually getting in one! This was taken outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

5.45pm I’ve just realised it is Monday. I’ve been writing “Tu” all day in my diary. The Met is closed on Mondays and the Guggenheim just closed at 5.45pm. What shall I do now?

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20 comments on "New York day 2: Central Park and Upper East Side"
  1. Really nice place. Look so peaceful. I love it. Thanks.

  2. Look really good! I love racoons, pity they aren't in Australia.

  3. Lovely post which brings back some memories of the time I lived in Manhattan.!
    Dutch in Constantinople

  4. Central Park really is great!

  5. Raccoons have been known to steal our cat food container if we leave it out, so we're not big fans. But your pictures of that little critter are awfully cute!

    Hyde Park vs. Central Park--how do they stack up one-on-one?

  6. Raccoons living in a large city like that, that surprised me but then again some of the parks in London must have foxes in them.


  7. Great photographs of your trip Emm. I'll say that you shouldn't really be sad about not coming to Boston, because much like NYC you'll have to give yourself enough time to take it all in.

    Better than coming this way for a couple of days and feeling cheated that you didn't get to experience all that there is in Boston.

    I really think you're getting better also with your photographs. Keep up the good work!

  8. Beautiful photos, Emm! Isn't it frustrating when the museums are closed :-( London really spoils one--free museums, open 7 days (mostly).

    And I knew there was a reason I liked you. Dim sum rules!

  9. Great pictures - the first time I went to NYC (I've been three times) I left thinking that if anything were going to happen, it was going to happen in NYC first.

  10. i spent less than 10 days in manhattan over the last nine years but they're enough to last me a lifetime =] thanks for reminding me how wonderful NYC is! safe and happy journeys always!

  11. Not sure what it is about New York, but you just really feel alive there, don't you? But do come to Washington next time! Not as exciting but quite beautiful and the museums are free here--and open 7 days!

  12. Love NYC and love your entries. Cannot wait to come back to my fave city and take my hubby with me. He never been there...

  13. @ Yeo Kee Hui: It really was beautiful and peaceful! Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Pizza: yes, but you have tons of other lovely animals in Australia! My favourites were wombats.

    @ Hans: Oh, how fortunate to have lived in Manhattan! How long were you there and when was this?

    @ Sharkbytes: of course, I agree.

    @ Kathy: I would have to say that Central Park is probably the best park I have ever been in anywhere in the world. I absolutely loved it and all the different dedicated areas.

    @ BBE: Heh. We get loads and loads of foxes in urban areas. They fight with our cats and dogs, raid our bins and make an unholy racket when they mate.

    @ Phoenix: Thank you so much. It means a lot for someone with your talent to say that! You know, you just make me even more determined to visit Boston!

    @ JaPRA: I only had dim sum for the first time recently! We went to a little place right around the corner from Waterloo Station - I will defintiely visit again.

    @ Julia: Thank you! I love your photos too!

    @ Ian: Hi! Good to 'meet' you. I have to say, I don't think i will ever get enough of New York. I so want to go back.

    @ Prodigal Tourist: Oh, I did visit DC!! I took a ridiculous amount of photos there and walked a whopping 7.8 miles on one of the hottest days ever!

    @ Ivanhoe: Oh no!! He has to visit! On the bus from DC to New York, I met a couple from Ohio and I mentioned that I had a bloggy friend (i.e. you!) from Ohio.

  14. Great account and picture Emm. I can see your attraction to the city. A massive urban business environment, but with massive open space to compensate.

  15. Good job! Your blog is great! ;)

  16. your bolg very nice and very great photos.

  17. @ Martin: Yes, I think I need natural beauty where ever I may be!

    @ Li, Eelam, photo & noodles: Thank you!

  18. Amazing stories and posts of your NYC trip. My first vist here.

  19. @ Glamah: Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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