New York day 2: Times Square

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a weakness for hot dogs.  When I got down from the Empire State Building at about 8pm, I saw this  hot dog stand. 

It costs $2 for a New York Hot Dog and $3 for a New York Hot Sausage.  I recommend that hot sausage as it is thicker and juicier.  Yum!

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The Empire State Building. I love the contours in this photo // Last glance towards Empire State

I walked away from the Empire State Building towards Times Square.  I was back in “oh my gosh, I can’t believe I am in New York” and I was drinking in the sights and sounds (having wolfed down my hot dog in 30 seconds).

As I walked towards Times Square I was assailed on all sides by a carnival of lights and sounds.  It was beautiful and exciting and I quickened my step.

As I came into Times Square, I saw that the had closed the road and that deck chairs had been laid out.  I took a seat.


The orange and white drums mark where cars could still cross on W46th Street but Broadway from closed before and after that point.

Sitting and relaxing in Times square

This was the most poignant moment of my entire trip.  It felt as if the life force of the city was flowing through me (but it is possible that jetlag and fatigue were causing me to hallucinate at this point!).

I asked a friendly, local looking guy sitting behind me whether the road had always been closed like this.  He said no, it was just a trial and they’d started a short while before.  (In fact, Mayor Bloomberg announced his car-free plan back in February and it was implemented late in May).  A short while later I was staring up at the sky watching rain drops as they fell down towards me.  It was like the moment in Daredevil where it rains and Daredevil can see Elektra for the first time.  The rain drops were so visible against the dark blue sky.  Friendly Guy had noticed this too and remarked to me in an almost giddy voice that he could see the rain drops.  It touched me that an obvious local, sitting there in his suit and talking with that lovely accent, could still feel like that after living in the city for so long.

Watching the sky but I didn't seem to capture any rain drops.

8.50pm [Monday 22 June 2009] Super surreal New York moment. I'm sitting on a deck chair in the middle of Times Square watching the people and the lights. I'd get a cup of tea coffee if a) I could walk, b) I wouldn’t lose my chair.  My camera has finally run out of battery and there is a subway right here – perhaps i should head home. 

I just took a photo for a lovely European couple – German perhaps?  Was going to offer but scared of losing chair (see above) but luckily they came and asked.

I love this city.  I love how friendly people are and I love how beautiful it is and all the greenery and old buildings.  It is so warm too!

I just got the most awesome shot of the buildings towering above me – hope it comes out.  Should stop writing now – it is raining and words are smudging.

I walked a block or so uptown to the end of Times Square but then I decided I was just too tired and walked back to where I had been to catch the subway. 

I’d had a late start to the day but had basically been walking for five hours!


I was most amused to see these two NYPD police cars, one jump starting the other.  I wonder if that is standard procedure?  Aren’t the cops lovely looking?  Just like in the TV shows.

I got onto the subway and caught the 1 train from W42nd Street to W110th Street.


Right around the corner from the apartment was Tom’s Restaurant.

9.50pm Am sitting in Tom's Restaurant (made famous by Suzanne Vega's song "Tom's Diner"). One block away from temporary home. $2.70 for a decaf coffee and some sort of orange sponge cake.

I got back to the apartment, showered and fell asleep the moment I closed my eyes.

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  1. Congratulations on being selected as the blog of note. And I think I shall be a regular visitor. I visited London about 5 years ago and fell in love with the place. Coincidentally my daughter lives there now. And your pictures bring back memories. And the commentary is lively too.

  2. Your photos are wonderful...You'll have to return to NY in the winter and smell the uniqueness of the chestnuts! Only in NY!

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  4. Looks like a fun time!

    ☼Hope you're having a sunshine ☼ filled Sunday!☼

  5. What a wonderful tourist you are, even saying our cops are lovely! So glad you had a good time in the US of A.

  6. such a lovely place! man, i gotta move to NYC!

  7. Wheres Naked Cowboy1? :-)

  8. Emm: Your blog keeps getting better each time I visit it. You really do a great job capturing NYC in words. It's brilliant the way that you're able to convey exactly how you felt at that very moment in time.

  9. I not to time was not in New York. Your story has inspired me on visiting of this city.

  10. Did you see the Singing (Naked) Cowboy as well? He usually sings at the main junction at Times Square in the afternoon.

  11. wow it's so beautiful.. I would love to go.. isn't traveling the best?

  12. i absolutely love your blog and most especially love visiting New York! If you're into desserts, make sure to stop by Magnolia Bakery-they have several locations and is an absolute treat.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  13. no shows? You should check a small club out or something.

  14. i love new york...thanks for the great pics. awesome blog!!!

  15. hot dog... you like it... hehehe..
    mm... good days,,,,

  16. Wonderful pictures! :) Now I want to visit NYC.. I can't believe it's so close to me, and I've never really seen the city!

  17. Funny how I live in New Jersey and I've never been to New York, yet you live in London and have. I know what you mean about wanting to be an eternal tourist; I want to travel the world one day and visit exotic, beautiful, and desolate locations. The only places I've managed to go so far are California and Aruba. I'm studying abroad in Belgium next year however, so I'll be visiting all of the countries as well. I enjoyed looking at your pictures as they brought out the adventurous side in me. I'll be sure to come back regularly.
    Oh and good luck making the blog of note. I'm glad you were as that is how I found you.

  18. The pictures you take are really good.

    I am right now starting a blog and releasing love sonnets I have written on a weekly basis. I would love to have your opinion on them as I release them.

    Feel free to check them out here:


  19. your photos are very very beautiful!!!
    I love NY!!

  20. you have such a lovely spirit and your pictures are so vibrant. glad to find you!

  21. Thanks for the comment on my photo! Yours are lovely as well. I just threw it into photoshop and turned the sky pink :)

  22. Hi Emm-
    I can so relate to being in Times Square for the first time. Such a neat feeling! I thought it was smaller than it looked on TV. It snowed when I was there which made it even better! I like the idea of closing the streets-it was not like that when I was there in March. Got your note on my blog-thanks for stopping by. Our vacation was at Ocean Isle Beach which is off the coast of North Carolina. Great beaches there. I live in northern Georgia.

  23. Thank you so much for posting your adventures in NY! I live in Indiana in the US of A., and have never been to NY, but have heard plenty about it from friends etc. It was interesting to hear about it this time from a "foreigner's" point of view (no disrespect intended).

  24. Oh yeah, btw, I'm so glad you liked our wonderful country(if I do say so myself!) I actually have family (on my dad's side) who live in England, and cannot wait for the opportunity to visit your country.

  25. Thank you so much for your comment! I want a blog like yours one day, so I very much appreciate it!

    Haha I love the Daredevil reference, I know exactly what you mean. There's no place on earth like NYC! :)

  26. @ Radha: Thank you! Where about does your daughter live?

    @ Lisa: I think I definitely will go visit there in winter. If for no other reason than to prove to myself I couldn't live there! I loved New York and want to live there but I have a slight aversion for winter!

    @pinkrose7 & affiliate: Thank you!

    @ Redhead Riter: Ha! I'm back in London - it's never sunny for long!

    @ Kathy: Oh dear, my intentions weren't so noble - I just have a thing for uniforms! For example, I brought home a FDNY shirt for Stephen and he just knew I had less than homourable intentions!

    @ Ger & CK: Oh my. I'm glad I went at sundown - a naked cowboy would have sent me running in the opposite direction and my legs were finished by then!

    @ nastycrabber & lovexsteph: Thank you very much!

    @ Phoenix: Thank you - as always it means a lot to you to have you say such things. I think my love just shows through. I get rather whiny and irritating when something disappoints me or doesn't impress!

    @ Margo: New York is awesome. I hope you get there one day.

    @ brujita: Travelling is nice... but being home is always good! I like that I can go on holiday but I love home.

    @ murat: Pleasure, I think. :)

    @ Allison: Alas! I am home already so shall have to go next time.

    @ Keebler: Nope, no shows. I go to theatre a lot in the West End in London and most of the shows are the same. And unfortunately, I was alone so no clubs either. Not that I would club at my old age anyway!

    @ Sue: Thank you. I can honestly say I love NY now too!

    @ Meg: Oh, you must go!!

    @ Ben: Well, hopefully, when you get to Belgium you can do some travelling around Europe. Belgium has some lovely architecture, I believe.

    @ Jacob & Funny Anna: Thanks!

    @ Maggie May: Why thank you!

    @ Little London: Oh, it's a pleasure - you've got a great London blog!

    @ Missy: Okay then! One of these days I will be back to the US and I hope to visit around your area!

    @ Alicia: Oh, I saw those stores everywhere but didn't visit! next time maybe.

    @ Anna: Oh, no offence taken. "My country" is South Africa. Well, sort of. I may not ever live there again but I still look, sound and feel South African!

  27. @ Juan Pablo: Heh. My blog is only one year and two weeks old! You'll get there. I'm glad you got the Daredevil reference. :)

  28. Hi Emm, I am so touched that you responsed everyone's comment and viewed all the visitors' link, even left the comment on my blog, thank you!! I love both your photos and words, it makes me want to pack my suitcase to take a trip in NY right away. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THERE. I also love you described the rain drops and the local guy, it is really interesting...

  29. I am new to the blog scene as I just started my own. Your blog gives a bounce to my day and it is refreshing to see how much you enjoy life and sharing it with others. I envy your outlook and hope I can be there one day.

  30. I never thought of New York as a place I HAD to go... but I read your blog and see your pics and I become increasingly jealous! I may have to put it on my list...

  31. Lovely photos of NY. I wanna go there someday!!
    Btw, I got your blog from Blogs of Note, congrats for that! I'll check out this blog regularly. Thanks for sharing all those interesting photos.

  32. A couple of weeks ago I was on my first trip to NYC, so I was interested to read your blog. Thought it was a great place, very 'in your face' but vibrant. Great place for photos as well, I have quite a few on one of my Flickr sets. Times Square seemed a better place for all the people sitting down, but then I didn't know it before they did this. Maybe 'old hands' have a different view.

  33. I would like soooooooo much to go there !

    It's amazing !! Lucky you !!

  34. Beautiful pictures!!!!!!

  35. These night scenes are fantastic!! They make me want to go back and visit New York City really soon :) And I'm a fan of that hot dog stand photo.

  36. Ah, gotta love New York! Congrats on Blog of Note!

  37. Hello,I m blogger's from indonesia.I love with this blog and I want to be with you.

  38. Excellent night photos. Now you have me thinking hot dogs with mustard for lunch.

  39. Congrats on your Blog of Note and well deserved.
    Love your pictures and the thought of sitting in a deck chair in Times Square is amazing :)

  40. Ciao Emm, your blog is so "bloggy"!?!?!!? Really interesting. I will read you! ciao, Italo.

  41. Great pictures. I have not long moved to the U.S from the U.K and whenever I see a cop I always think they look just like they do on t.v

  42. You do have a way of appreciating even the most ordinary! I too love Times Square and never miss an opportunity to go there. You must visit the Columbia campus. You'll love it.

  43. I wish I could find some place in London that would do me a coffee and slice of orange cake for $2.70, I think I would get fat if it was so cheap here.

    Each time I read your next instalment of your trip to NY it makes me wanna go there even more.

  44. Your blog is cool, I am so glad I happened to visit it.Please visit my blog too, thanks!

  45. Amazing!
    It's my first time in your blog and... wow!
    Great pics, a beautiful trip!

    congratulations! =*

  46. WOW! Great pictures!

    We never really appreciate how our own corner of the country looks because we get so used to it but looking at it through someone else's eyes is most definitely an eye opening experience!

    When are you coming to Canada? I would love to see Canada through your eyes:).

  47. Thatz a really cool blog. And nice pics :)


  48. New York is awesome, isn't it? I've lived here for 7 years, and I still haven't taken most of the time to see the sights through a tourist's eyes.

    Glad you enjoyed your stay! Love the blog :)

  49. great blog! congrats on Blog of Note. I love your NYC pictures. I'm dying to get back to NYC...I love it there and it's been 3 years!!!

  50. Very nice!

  51. I just found your blog today. What fun! I'm going to enjoy following this. I don't get to travel much, so I have to live vicariously through others. Hope you don't mind. :)

  52. hey I have never seen New york in a manner u presented it ... much more beautiful than one can imagine!!!

  53. @ Slynnard: Thank you!

    @ Chen Yin Tzu: :O) Well it is only good manners!

    @ Misguided Prodigy: thank you! I am glad it gives you bounce. Look after yourself.

    @ Maynard: No seriously. You HAVE to go to New York!!

    @ ical: Thank you and it's a pleasure! You spelt your blog URL wrong so I can't visit you. Can you comment again with your proper URL?

    @ John: Your pictures are great because they capture life in New York as opposed to just buildings like me! Very nice.

    @ Lilie: You must go - it is great. Are you French?

    @ MelRoxx: Thank you!

    @ Megan: Thank you. You are welcome to paint the hotdog stand if you want, I'd be honoured in fact! (But would of course understand if you didn't want to!)

    @ K: Thank you! And yes, you definitely have to love New York!

    I'm off to sleep now! Will have to try catching up with comments again tomorrow.

  54. nice journal...
    warm regards from Indonesia.

  55. Sausages are thicker but dogs tastier. Best to compromise. Go for the sausage dog in a bun.

  56. Oh, I love Times Square. We stayed in a lovely hotel there several years ago. I remember waking up at 3am and looking out the window, amazed at how many people were out and about. The City That Never Sleeps, indeed! I love the idea of closing the streets to cars. I hope that continues.

    I am completely charmed by your New York posts, Emm. I can see you falling in love in every photo :-)

    PS I'm hungry for a hot dog now!

  57. What a great idea - to shut the traffic off from Time Square and to put deck chairs out so that people can enjoy the atmosphere! I'll have to visit again now, just so that I can experience this!!

  58. I've heard that their is a ferry in Manhattan which one can use for "free"...did you have to pay for your ferry round trip?

  59. I love NYC, and Times Square is amazing. Was supposed to go this summer but the trip was cancelled due to illness. I will be back.

    Great pictures thanks.


  60. @ Papilukas: Thank you!

    @ Uncle Dick: You think so? I thought the sausages were juicier and tastier but yes, I did have them in a bun. Yum.

    @ JaPRA: Oh dear. Every time I think my longing for new York has abated, I read something like your comment and want to return immediately! I want to stay in a hotel on Times Square!!

    @ Roz: It was indeed a fantastic experience and a great idea.

    @ VV: The Staten Island Ferry is free but it just goes between Manhattan and Staten Island. I had a CityPass which gave me a discounted entry to several attractions.

    @ Vodka Logic: Oh, I hope you get to go back there soon....

  61. New York City does have an amazing Energy and I found the New Yorkers to be very friendly too! Sounds like an amazing time you had!

  62. @ Christina: :o) It was lovely.


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