Where I work: Shrigleys

I had to go to the bank today to deposit a cheque which was great because I was a couple of days behind on my weekly lunch break!

I decided to get a carb-rich lunch (for no other reason than I felt like it) and so I went to Shrigleys which is half way up Borough High Street.

I think what I love most about Shrigleys is their friendliness.  They call to you the minute you walk in and they invite you to take a seat in such a way that you can’t possibly refuse (well, I couldn’t).  So I got out my book (I’ve moved on to The Host) and had some tea while I waited for my cheese and bacon baked potato to arrive.  It was yummy and only cost £3.20.

I’m getting quite good at this lunch thing.  I think it is all to do with reading such good books lately that it pains me to work for too long without taking time to read!!

Apparently the weather is going to turn this week and our ridiculously warm and sunny autumn will come to an end, to be replaced by more typical wet and windy weather.  Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.  I must dry clean my winter coat (yes, I know, I should have done that about 8 months ago but I didn’t).

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  1. Looks lovely! Great to have a more personal insight into your day to day!!!

  2. There's nothing like a nice lunch and a good book!

  3. I'm someone who lives outside and only makes rare visits to London, but one of the big advantages when you get in is just these kind of places. I could never live in a city, but I appreciate some of the things that really make them.

  4. Mmmmm. Getting lunch made for you is the best! Everyone seems to be reading the Stephanie Meyer books. When I have more time, I'm definitely going to have to check them out.

    Our weather has also turned. It's miserable and definitely much colder. I've been trying to resist wearing my winter coat and deny it's cold enough for that, but last night I had to wear it.

  5. My problem with stopping for lunch (and not wishing to put you off in any way) has always been that I forget where I was when I left off. On the other hand it's invigorating to have a change of scene so it probably balances out. I'll be interested to hear how you find "The Host".

  6. Everyone in the photo is wearing black!

  7. what a lovely little place...and a jacket potato, YUM :)

  8. Shrigleys in Borough High Street, eh? Will def keep in mind :-)
    miss all the meals in London! sigh...

  9. Mmmmm. Lunch and a good book is one of my favourite escapes ;-)

    I miss London so much this time of year. I am positive it's the weather--LOL!

  10. Hey but that's my in the photo! Only joking, although that was my first thought when I saw it ;-)
    Looks familiar, time for me to go back to London...

  11. I haven't been to a place like this in quite awhile, although there is one right up the street from me. This makes me think I should go.

  12. Hahaha~
    I also dry cleaned my winter coats last week. I have always done what I should do at the last moment. Your lunch looks yum. What a relaxing time in the fancy restaurant!

  13. @ Lillian: Yup - it was indeed delicious and I will definitely return soon!

    @ Gena: I must admit, I too like the "tea and toas" entries where you get an insight into how other people lives their day to day lives!

    @ Gaelikaa: I agree!! I'm really enjoying reading lately!

    @ John: :o) I've always wanted live and work in a big city. One day, I hope to actually live in amongst the skyscrapers, perhaps in NYC??

    @ Fatbrideslim: Oh, I have quite a love-hate relationship with Stephenie Meyer. I think her books are addictive but they are not by any stretch of the imagination good literature.

    @ Sheila: I hope to get my review of "The Host" up on Emm Media by Thursday. We'll see... I have to review Doctor Who first!

    @ Missy: Yup - people in London do that for the next four months or so. I try to wear a splash of colour every day but even I go out in all black some days!

    @ Cowgirl: It was lovely all round!

    @ Ash: When are you arriving???

    @ JaPRA: And London misses you!!! :o)

    @ Angela: Yeah, one of these days someone will recognise themself in one of my photos!

    @ Ratty: You should!! The cal this street cholesterol lane!

    @ Chen Yin Tzu: Heh. It wasn't that fancy but it was lovely!


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