New York day 7: The Guggenheim Museum

I can barely believe it is six months today since I left New York and returned home.  I feel a little bit silly that I am still blogging about it but the good (and sad) news is that I am very nearly finished.  I think that after 26 blog entries, it is safe to say that my week spent in the US left an enormous impression on me and it was an incredible voyage of personal discovery.  I’m sorry to say though that we have in fact made a decision not to go back to New York in December 2010 as planned.  I’m afraid the third Northern Hemisphere winter in a row has made me change my mind and we’ve decided to go to South Africa rather for a sun and sand filled Christmas!  On to the Guggenheim…

Guggenheim Museum

I had reserved the most exciting museum for my last full day in New York.  Not only was I fascinated by the work of architectural wonder that is the Guggenheim Museum, but there was also a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition to named Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward.

Guggenheim Museum interior Guggenheim Museum interior (3)

Guggenheim Museum interior (2) Guggenheim Museum interior (4)

If I had more time in new York, it is entirely possible that I would have sat in the lobby of the Guggenheim all day taking pictures of the interior.  It was fascinating!  Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Guggenheim and he was one of the most visionary, talented designers of all time.  I love how his houses seemed to emerge naturally from the landscape as if they had grown organically. 

Guggenheim Frank Lloyd Wright Drawing Guggenheim Frank Lloyd Wright Model

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take photographs in the exhibition but I had forgotten about that and taken these (luckily while no one was looking!) before I remembered my manners!  Here is an example of one of his houses:

Falling Water Frank Lloyd Wright
Falling Water House - Frank Lloyd Wright [Image Source]

7 comments on "New York day 7: The Guggenheim Museum"
  1. Didn't have a chance to visit Guggenheim when I was in New York for a short visit sometime back. Irony is that it might be probably a blessing in disguise as I would probably be stuck there for quite some time.

    Hope that you had a warm and sunny Christmas back home!

    C K

  2. All the best to you in the New Year 2010!

  3. That falling water house looks amazing!

  4. What fabulous photos of the museum lobby! They should hire you for PR publications 8-).

  5. I love the Guggenheim, and I love FLW. Your photos are beautiful! When I lived in Pa, I always wanted to take the time to go see Fallingwater but never did. Maybe someday.

    I don't blame you at all for not being in New York in December...I've been there in Dec/Jan several times and it can be absolutely bitter. If I could be where it's warm, I would!

  6. Fallingwater is definitely worth the trip the next time you're in the US. Happy Holidays!

  7. @ C K: I know what you mean! I could definitely have spent more time there that day!

    @ Elizabeth: Thank you! I wish you a good 2010 too!

    @ Political Humour: I know - can you imagine living there???

    @ Kathy: I spent an unhealthy amount of time sitting on trains and daydreaming about becoming an offical blog writer for New York City or City of London. Still, train rides rather lend themselves towards such daydreams!

    @ Erin: Isn't he just great?? Have you ever been to any of his houses?

    @ CJ: Hiya! Happy holidays to you too. I would definitely visit there if I was in the area!


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