Walking in Wootton

The brochure for the Isle of Wight Steam Train said that Wootton was a nice place to stop off as there were two pubs just a short five minute walk away.  Now I am a ridiculously fast walker so I thought “how far can it really be?”  Ha. Ha ha ha.  Famous last words.

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 14

We left the train station and took a last look back to make sure we knew how to get back to the trains.

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 15

We found the old stationmaster’s house which was rather quaint.  (I just love the flag at the back there!)

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 16

We walked for ten minutes up to the top of the hill and still found time to admire the tulips.  It was late March and spring was so much more advanced than in London!

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 17

The daffodils were out with a vengeance (and they were only emerging when we got back to London)!

And then… we got to the high street about five minutes later and came upon a closed pub.  It was, admittedly, a Sunday at about noon time but it was also our anniversary and we wanted a treat!  So we took a look on my newly acquired iPhone and it promised that there was another pub five minutes down the road.


A good ten or so minutes later, we finally found an open pub.

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 18

We had a precious five minutes to enjoy our reward before rushing back to catch the next train!

I thought I’d take a photo of the street leading back to the station.  Isle of Wight really looks exactly like the rest of England!  I had been expecting something less inhabited but I was wrong – there are 130,000 residents on this tiny island plus all the tourists!

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 19

Okay, it is slightly less densely populated than England. 

We made it back to the station with five minutes to spare and I picked a good place to catch a good photo of the incoming train.

Of course, we discovered the next day that had we turned left instead of right when we came out of the station, then we would have found a pub a mere two minutes walk away!!

12 comments on "Walking in Wootton"
  1. Things like this happen to me all the time. I'm used to getting lost by now, I think. It's part of the adventure.

    At least you'll know your way around a bit better if you ever go back. :)

  2. lovely :-) these are the posts which make me miss UK the most!

  3. I tried to teach you left from right ... remember, you write with your right hand.

  4. @ Claire: I have to agree! We certainlyhad an adventure and wandered around hand-in-hand like a newly marries couple!

    @ Ash: Heh. As long as my work here is done!

    @ Mum: It wasn't a case of not knowing left from right - we had no idea the pub was in the other direction until we drove past the next day!

  5. Thanks as always for an excellent piece - The IOW is one part of the UK I haven't made it to but I've made a promise to myself for this summer!

  6. Love them! And I so love UK!!!
    Thanks, Emm:)
    Betty xx

  7. @ David: Thanks! You must go to IOW - totally worth it! It is nowhere as awesome as Ireland but a lovely break nonetheless.

    @ Betty: Thanks dear.

  8. Getting lost usually ends up being a good adventure for me, but I guess not so good when you are running out of time. Looking at those pints has got me in the mood for few cold ones...

  9. Naaah, you're right William - it was a great adventure!

  10. I love a good walk with the promise of a pub at the end! Sadly I am a pokey walker (too much looking about) and I am sure it would have taken me at least twice as long to get there.

    Glad you had time for a pint! Many happy returns on your anniversary, friend. XO

  11. I don't know the Island terribly well, but I used to have to go to my ex-boss' office over there from time to time. He lived over the right hand far side (technical term) where it did seem much less populated. He used to moan and groan if he had to drive over to Cowes to pick my up from the ferry! But you're right, it looks much the same as the rest of England.

  12. @ JaPRA: Ha! I am a super fast walker and I think it drives Ste mad at times!

    @ Sheila: "right hand side" is as good a term as ever! We were on the right hand coast too!


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