The Isle of Wight Steam Railway part 2

It was the second day of our short trip to the Isle of Wight.  We’d taken a trip on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway where we had met up with a lovely elderly couple and their son and then we’d arrived in the little town of Wootton and had taken a five minute walk… that took about thirty minutes or more! Talk about a county mile!

We made it back to the station with five minutes to spare and I perched up on a little incline and waited for the majestic steam train to return.

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 20

I could hear the whistle long before the train arrived and could see the steam rising through the trees. 

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 21

It is so exciting seeing the train pull in, even though I’d seen the same thing barely a couple of hours before.  I don’t believe it is something I’d ever want to get used to though as it is a magical sight and sound. 

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 23


Isle of Wight Steam Railway 25

The carriage we chose this time around seemed even more fancy than the first one!  It seems we were right; this one had been assembled in 1886 whereas the first one had been assembled in 1903.

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 28

Southern Railway is still going to this day and runs the service down into Surrey and East and West Sussex.

The ticket inspector was kind enough to pose for a photo for me.  I loved his authentic uniform and ticket dispenser.

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 27The train pulled off and below long we arrived back in Havenstreet Station.  We took a look around at some of the other grand engines there.

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 29  Isle of Wight Steam Railway 30

And we even had a chance to see them filling the engine up with water again which is not something I’ve ever seen before.  I’m not entirely sure I realised that they had to do this before but it made total sense that they do, of course.

Isle of Wight Steam Railway 33

It was such a wonderful day and a great way to spend our anniversary!  I would love to go on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway again one day!

10 comments on "The Isle of Wight Steam Railway part 2"
  1. What a great day out. Love these old trains. Went for a visit and ride on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Left from Pickering and went to Goathland, which is the town in the TV program Heartbeat known as Aidensfield.
    Have added you to my sidebar under UK bloggers to visit.
    Was fun the other night. Look out for my post next week.

  2. Great stuff Emm, I just love steam must be all that raw motive power!

    We have a saying about men in uniform looking young, which shows your age, the ticket collector looks a mere boy, I really must be getting old!!

  3. I've definitely put this on my to-do-next-time-in-England list!

  4. What a beautiful old steam train although shouldn't the ticket inspector be in school?

  5. I love these old trains as well Emm. I used to have a train set myself, actually, I think I still do but the engine is too old to replace.Pic seven looks a bit like the first car.

  6. I love trains! This was a lot of fun to see one from your side of the pond.

  7. outstanding as usual, Ms. Emm -- also, i liked the Wordless Wed Cathedral you recently chose. Isle of Wight looked so quaint, like a life-size Rev. Awdry story. I kept looking for Mr. Topham Hatt in the background! ;)

  8. A trip on a steam train is real step back in time, and something that I have sadly not experienced the joys of YET.

  9. What fun! I would love to take this trip... but what I would really love? My own train inspector's leather bag--it's so cool! ;-) But have to agree with Mike about the inspector. He looks so young!

  10. @ Mo: Hiya! I added you to my sideabr too! I must look up the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Perhaps when I have finished visiting all of the castles in England, I can move onto the steam railways!

    @ Mike: He looked young to me too! Perhaps he is a school student earning extra money on the weekends.

    @ Kathy: Absolutely! I would put it pretty high on my list of essential things to do in the UK.

    @ Ryan: Hiya! Good to "meet" you!! yes, he does look pretty young, doesn't he?

    @ Lauren: ha! My brother had a set and I was really jealous! I made it my own in the end!!

    @ Sharkbytes: i love trains too. I am so happy to travel in them every day!

    @ Jg: Isle of Wight is indeed quaint and very English!

    @ William: No way!! You have to rectify that!

    @ JaPRA: I have to own up to coveting that bag too!


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