Isle of Wight: Carisbrooke Castle (part 3)

Carisbrooke Castle: part 1 ¦ part 2

Carisbrooke Castle is my favourite of all of the castles I have visited on the British Isles.  The castle is in an excellent condition and it has the most incredible views when you reach the top of the motte and keep.

The motte and keep at Carisbrooke Castle

There are 71 stone steps leading up the motte and it was built around 1100.  The steps are really steep and you need to be quite fit to make it up there!!  I love this photo of Stephen as it reminds me of the Visit Kent adverts (you would have to visit London to see the posters of the little children climbing the castle steps).

The steps leading up to the motte at Carisbrooke Castle

The well in the keep is 48 metres deep and I have to admit, I got pretty dizzy looking into it.  That was nothing compared to the feeling of vertigo I got when taking some of the photos from on top of the wall around the keep.

Wall Walk Carisbrooke CastleCarisbrooke Castle 32

Carisbrooke Castle 33Carisbrooke Castle

It felt like you could see forever from on top of the keep.  The village below was so picturesque and it looked like I was looking into another time and place. 

Carisbrooke Castle

The best views were definitely of the castle itself.

Carisbrooke Castle

Carisbrooke Castle Carisbrooke Castle

Carisbrooke Castle Carisbrooke Castle

I wasn’t joking about the vertigo though!  I always forget that heights make me slightly queasy until I suddenly look down and felt the earth tilt.  I stumbled down from the top of the keep and Stephen had a good giggle at my expense as I held on to him and tried to get the world to stop spinning.

Carisbrooke Castle 42

Carisbrooke Castle has the most excellent wall walk that goes right around the whole castle.  It was starting to rain though so we just took a short walk to look around the back of the ruins of Carey’s Mansion.

Carey's Mansion at Carisbrooke Castle

I think these ruins are quite exquisite and have to wonder how they fell into ruin.  The mansion was built in the late 16th century for Carey who was governor of the island and cousin to Elizabeth I.

 Carisbrooke CastleCarisbrooke Castle

Not long after receiving the Death Stare from Stephen, we decided to go home.  I’m sure the bloggers amongst you have received death stares from significant others before – the look that threatens untold fury and vengeance unless the bloggers puts the camera away!

14 comments on "Isle of Wight: Carisbrooke Castle (part 3)"
  1. I love exploring ruins, especially if they're quite deserted. I always take a look up the chimney expecting to find a secret passage, but so far I've been disappointed!

  2. wow, just beautiful! Enjoy your week!

  3. I don't usually get Death Stares but have had more than my share of heavy, meaningful sighs 8-).

    What a neat castle!

  4. what a beautiful visit - especially the views! thanks for these - and for withstanding the death stare...seen that look before!

  5. Looks fantastic!
    I might put that on my list of places to go.
    Beautiful shots, Emm. I love the soft tones here.
    Great view!

    Big hugs!
    B xx

  6. Those photos are great - what a fantastic place. Definitiely worth seeing a whole repertoire of death-stares. . .

  7. Thanks for sharing this, its beautiful! I'd wander around for hours dreaming.

  8. I love a wee ramble around a ruined castle...such fun! The views truly look stunning and the more you experience heights the more you will get use to them, probably!

    And I have experienced that horribly annoying death stare on too many occasions!

  9. i dream of visiting places such as this. need to put in my wish list places.

  10. Medieval castles excite me the most. More blood drawn on the grounds I suppose. I have no idea, any connection to Elizabeth always intrigues me.

  11. Wow! Your photos really encourage me to visit there as well. I wouldn't mind climbing 71 steps. The views do look spectacular.

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  12. This place is gorgeous! Always wanted to go to Isle of Wight someday :)

  13. Oh what beautiful memories of this place. I was there in 1980.



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