Royal Albert Hall, London

The Albert Memorial at night - Kensington Gardens

On Saturday evening, we made our way to the Royal Albert hall to watch Editors in concert.  I had never been to this venue before and was quite unprepared for just how exquisite and intricately detailed the architecture is.

We had to wait in a long line to get in to the venue so for once in my life, friends and spouse did not complain as I went around to the front to get some decent photos.

Above is the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens.  It is quite beautiful and looked magical in the dusk lighting.  (Click on the photos for a larger resolution).

The Royal Albert Hall By Night

The Royal Albert Hall was opened by Queen Victoria and the first performed was on March 29, 1871.  I wonder if the patrons on that evening 140 years ago were as excited to see their performance as I was to see Editors?

The Entrance to the Royal Albert Hall

I’m just writing up my review of the concert and should post that later this week. 

In the meantime, I’ll take this opportunity to mention that I am having a couple of problems logging in to Blogger since my password was hijacked a couple of weeks ago.  I can’t moderate comments or log in to my dashboard and it tells me that I am no longer following any blogs.  I also can’t click on my followers to see new people without getting a nasty error message. 

Now is not the time to encourage me to move to Wordpress, I was on that finicky and troublesome platform before moving over to Blogger, but please be patient for the next couple of weeks until we get this sorted.  Google is aware of it and is trying to solve the issue.

19 comments on "Royal Albert Hall, London"
  1. Gorgeous evening shots! I agree that the Royal Albert Hall is something to see. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be too. Hope you get your bloggy troubles fixed soon. So frustrating!

  2. As garish as the Albert Memorial is, boy, does it look super in the evening light!

  3. Pretty! Apart from those aerial shots on TV I'd never really seen the place before, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Very cool, the sky really provided a gorgeous backdrop! The first photo is especially well framed.

  5. A while back while wandering around Kensington Gardens I stumbled upon the Albert Memorial and as nice as it is, anything that relates to the Royalty always leaves a bad taste in my mouth! Never been in the Albert Hall, but it looks an impressive sight from outside.

    At least on a self hosted Wordpress blog and with a half decent host your problems of having had your password hijacked would have been sorted out in a few hours max...just saying!

  6. Hi, Emm -- really enjoyed these pictures at dusk (aka, magic hour). look forward to reading the review.

    be well ... Jg. ;)

  7. Great night had by all :) Can you legally take photos of the interior of Royal Albert Hall? If so, I would love to see them.

  8. Emm great pics and I look forward to the report on the concert.

    I really do have to mention WP though. I find it so much better than Blogger. Funnily enough I just changed all my passwords across the board from Twitter to the blogs.

    Sorry for your woes but as someone else mentioned with a self hosted WP platform you get instant results rather than being a number to big G.

  9. Lovely... I've had lovely memories of walking around Hyde Park...and reaching Royal Albert Hall gate... :-) never been inside though...

  10. Wow, it's looks so much different than it does during the daytime, actually I think it looks more majestic during the night.

  11. Hi Emm...beautiful photos as always..enchanting! awww...sorry to hear about your blog fun...I seemed to have lost my dashboard too..and it mnakes it hard to find everyone's updates/address for easy I dont know what's going on! Hope your troubles get better and all things get fixed!! Till then..sending many cyber sparkles your way..hope it helps...hugs!

  12. Sorry to hear about your problems with your account. Hope you get it fixed soon. It's nice how the Albert Memorial is lit up like that; otherwise, no one can see it at night. So that's what the Royal Albert Hall looks like. When I think of that name, I always think of the Beatles song.

  13. Love the night light photos! The architecture takes on a whole new look at night. Beautiful.

    Sorry about your woes, one of the reasons I went with WP.

  14. It`s a great building and so are your night shot. Hope the bloggingproblems get over..:-)
    And hope you have a nice time over there.

  15. I've never been inside the Albert Hall but I think I've seen it several times from outside, when I've been to the Science Museum.

  16. PS. Worrying that you've had your blog hacked! It's one of those things I always think will never happen to me, so perhaps it's the time to change my password.

  17. Gorgeous! Great night light pictures!
    I've never been inside the Albert Hall. I would love to.

    Sorry to hear about your dashboard and missing blogs you've been following.
    I'm having the same problem a whole month now.
    It's very annoying!

    B xx

    P.S. I'm on a blog break...I just wanted to pop over to your site and say hi!

  18. the night photos are lovely. the first one is particularly magical.

  19. @ JAPRA: Thank you! I was quite happy with those evening shots and am loving my new camera. It is strange! I found Royal Albert Hall to be smaller than I imagined; I have obviously been to Wembley too many times.

    @ Kathy: I find the whole fascination Victoria had with memorialising Albert to be quite touching. But yes, Victorian design can often be garish and it has taken me some time to appreciate it.

    @ Supergreensunbear: It is pretty! I would certainly recommend a visit!

    @ Li: Thank you! The sky that night was really clear.

    @ William: Yeah, I kind of wonder why we have royalty at all?? It was my whole Gmail account that was hacked, a great headache!

    @ JG: It definitely was the magic hour!

    @ Hels: Yes, you can take photos inside. It just depends on the event.

    @ Mike: Heh. But thern I’ve been talking to my friend about how she can even change the font on her WP blog and I have experience with how impossible a self-hosted WP blog is!!

    @ Ash:  Maybe next time.

    @ Slappy Bear: It is definitely more majestic at night! It can look quite bleached in the day time!

    @ Kiki: Thank you! They are rolling out the new Blogger dashboard shortly if you are on Blogger Draft so maybe my woes will come to an end.

    @ AVCr8teur: It is lovely how they light up the monuments and memorials in England. I love that.

    @ Rob: Thank you!! My camera takes fabulous night time shots.

    @ Spiderdama: Thank you!

    @ Sheila: Isn’t it a lovely area to visit for museums etc? It wasn’t my blog that was hacked – it was my Gmail account! N.I.G.H.T.M.A.R.E.

    @ Betty: Thank you! And I would certainly recommend a visit of the Royal Albert Hall.

    @ Life Ramblings: Thank you! I was very happy with them!


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