A Weekend at Swilland Mill, Suffolk

I know, I know. I've been a bad blogger but can you blame me with this unseasonably warm weather?  As the Real Autumn* begins to descend upon us, I look back on the last, beautiful weekend of the summer.

Swilland Mill

Can you believe that this photo was taken in October in Suffolk, England?  October is traditionally the rainiest month in Suffolk with temperatures averaging 15°c.  A group of friends and colleagues went up to Swilland Mill to celebrate my friend Kate’s Hen Party (also known as a bachelorette party).  We were blessed with incredible weather with temperatures soaring into the late 20s and clear, sunny skies.

We had a fabulous weekend with lots of karaoke, Prosecco and food.  We also had an Ann Summers party, Butler-in-the-Buff and a very swanky murder mystery dinner.  I am pleased to say that this time, it wasn’t me!  I was having far too much fun during the weekend to take any photos (and what happens at the Hen’s Party stays at the Hen’s Party) but I certainly fell in love with the venue.

Swilland Mill was one of the largest post mills ever built in Suffolk and they suspect that it might have been the largest ever built anywhere.  It was built around 1800 and first appeared on local maps in 1825.  They stopped using the mill in the 1930s and it fell into disrepair after the war until the 1970s when it was used by a local potter.  You can read all about the history of the mill here: History of Swilland Mill.

Today, Swilland Mill is comprised of three luxury apartments (if you can call 3-4 story luxury accommodation ‘apartments’). They have been exquisitely refurbished and decorated and I guess it is no surprise that I enjoyed it so much there that I have booked a week’s holiday there just before Christmas. We were going to take Ste’s parent’s on a road trip around Suffolk and Norwich anyway, and now we are going to do something similar but just have a base up there from which to travel.

The Mylen at Swilland Mill

Can you blame me for liking it so much?  I love that there are pieces of old mill equipment located around the apartments.  We got to explore all three apartments this weekend and the one I have booked over December has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge with flat screen TV and DVDs and a gorgeous kitchen.  It is perfect for a winter getaway with the family.

*The Real Autumn is distinguished from the Unreal Autumn that we had in September in that this time, it won’t be followed by a glorious week of beautiful blue skies, hot sunshine and summer dresses.  I am quite confident in saying that today was the last day for 6 months that I will go to work without a jacket and long sleeved shirt on.

I’m really excited for this autumn and winter and am looking forward to colourful winter clothing, Christmas markets, two weddings, visits from my South African family, blogger’s outings and X Factor and Merlin.  Of course, that also comes with colder weather and the inexplicable increase in my appetite, rain, two exams and craziness at work.  What do you have planned for this season?

17 comments on "A Weekend at Swilland Mill, Suffolk"
  1. I so like the photos, Emm, what a nice place to visit it must be. I don't have much plans for this winter, exept from a trip to Paris in Christmas, and waiting my novella to be published. I look forward spending a calm, long winter writing my second book.

  2. Oh, you have a very blue sky and I understand that you want to use your time out.. We had a Indian Summer last weekend, but now it is autumn.. a bit sad, but it is beautiful colors outside.
    I like the apartment although I`m really a minimalist..i do not like nips, but I have a lot of course, hehe
    You have a lot of things to look forward to..enjoy:-) Best wishes from Tania

    Ps: Thanks for all your nice comments

  3. Butler in the Buff; won't ask!

  4. Swilland Mill apartments looks like a first class place to stay. It was bonus having the fantastic weather that is for sure. With a bit of luck when you return in December there will be loads of snow, that would make for magical experience...

    I will just be taking each day as it comes...until I decide to move onwards and upwards!

  5. we also had incredibly good September (in comparsion to summer)! I can see you had a lot of fun:)
    Since we are visiting each other anyway, I am your new follower:)

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  7. What a fabulous looking place. I love Suffolk, one of my favourite counties. There are so many beautiful buildings and interesting places, but at the same time it's low key and not in your face. It's also an area of the country with lots of artists and creative people, looks like one of the latter was involved with Swilland mill.
    BTW I deleted my last comment because I accidentally pressed "Post" before I was finished!

  8. I can't blame you...very nice!

    wow, busy schedule ahead...sounds fun though...thanks for the visit!

  9. Yay...fantastic Emm...wow..what a smashing time you describe..wish I was there..sounds like such good fun! Beautiful place...love the photos..love the design and patterns of the brick..awesome post...and you are soo awesome too! Thanks for adding a sparkle to my day...fabulous!

  10. I can't blame you for not taking pictures and just having a good time. We have some converted warehouses into housing here too. Although I am interested in hearing about your butler-in-the-buff party. :P

  11. What is a post mill - a windmill that makes timber posts? Whatever it was, the building certainly was made to look fine and to last!

    What a terrible shame that it stood as a broken down shell until the early 1970s. A pottery studio and exhibition space sounded like a good use of the space. If it had to be converted, I would have liked to put my principles aside and to buy one luxury apartment myself :)

  12. I'm really hoping that the weather will hold out until I get there next week!

  13. You do get around. Hope to catch you soon

  14. a particularly beautiful place for one to visit.

    thanks for sharing your great photos.

    swilland mill apartments looks like a gorgeous place to stay...so romantic!

    betty xx

  15. @ Josep: a visit to Paris! How wonderful, it sounds so cosmopolitan. I can imagine the publishing industry is a waiting game! Good luck on your second book!

    @ Spiderdama: I think our autumn sun was also called an Indian summer. It was lovely. I also like minimalism but alas, my life is quite cluttered in our little house.

    @ John: ha! Best you don't.

    @ William: do you think you'll be moving on soon?? Yeah, a bit of snow could be magical over December.

    @ Ola: thank you! I am returning the favour! Hopefully we will have a decent summer next year. If not, I'll head out to the Balkans and South African in December.

    @ Jenny: I definitely plan on exploring some of those historical places in December! We're also finally visiting Cambridge.

    @ Dhemz: thank you! I do like to keep myself active and about in the winter months.

    @ Kiki: it was lovely. I can't wait to return.

    @ AVCr8teur: ha! It's a secret! I love it when they make apartments of converted warehouses.

    @ Hels: heh, I don't know but I shall find out more in December!

    @ Oneika: sadly the Indian summer came to an abrupt end and it is definitely autumn now.

    @ Mo: ha! I don't really. I just blog about it when I do.

    @ Betty: I'd certainly recommend it on your next trip to England.

  16. I see a lot of fabric fondling and sewing in stored for me this season. And lots of expat and sewist blogger meet ups, I hope.

  17. I dunno it's still pretty warm out there. I'm quite enjoying the sunshine as my family is here visiting this week.


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