Art Deco Perfection: The Chrysler Building

The Art Deco Chrysler Building New York City
Today’s choice of photo for my Blue Skies and Sunshine series is quite deliberate.  It is the stunning Art Deco Chrysler Building in New York City.  It was once the tallest building in the world before being surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931 and is currently on a level with The New York Times Building as the third highest in New York City.
It doesn’t really matter how high The Chrysler Building is or what accolades it receives because the fact remains that it is graceful and beautiful, a masterpiece of the Art Deco architectural style that is so prevalent in the city. To me, this building symbolises grace, elegance and understated success.
I took this photo during my visit to New York City in 2009 on one of the few relatively clear and sunny days I had there.  That trip was in itself an achievement for me as I was meant to visit a friend there and that all fell through at the last minute.  I very nearly did not go but ultimately decided to embark on the solo travelling adventure of a lifetime. 
And today this building inspires me to reach for my dreams.  I am writing one final exam for the year this week and am one year into the five-year plan that I set last year.  My plan? To become an accountant and work for an international development agency.  It is a rough convergence between where I wanted to be and what I could already do.  Onwards and upwards, as they say!
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  1. Emm

    Art Deco had no structural role, like Gothic or Romanesque, so it had to fulfil its decorative role beautifully. Which the Chrysler Building certainly does do. Grace and elegance yes, but it also has a geometric rigour that stands out from a distance. Great example!

  2. Wonderful building and a very blue sky! I have never been there..
    Hope your plans become reality:-)

    Happy Sunday to you!

  3. What a lovely picture, I have often seen night photos of this building, but it is stunning in daylight too.
    Have a good week.

  4. It really is a stunning building even more so when you think of the year in which it was built. Good luck with your exam.

  5. This Art Deco is different from the one we have in my land. This one looks logical and futuristic compared, for instance, with the Sagrada Família in Barcelona. I like both the same, and the Chrysler looks great here.

    Your dreams inspire us!

  6. I love that building! I hope visit EEUU next year :D

    Check out my music blog, you could enjoy it ;D

  7. I do SO love art deco! Toronto has a lot of art deco buildings - makes me feel like i'm in a Batman movie!

  8. That bldg does look magnificient!! Great view it must be from up there.

  9. wish you luck at the examination!
    This building is really monumental...

  10. Isn't it so pretty? I actually loved everything in NYC. Wish I could move there. Maybe in my next life :)
    Have you ever been to Miami? You would love all of their art deco!

  11. fantastic art deco building!

    gorgeous shot as usual.

    wish you the best of luck at the examination!


  12. It really is the most beautiful skyscraper in the world, isn't it?

    Good luck with the finals!

  13. Good luck with your exam!!! Hope you make it...


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